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The Champa Kingdom was known for spreading the knowledge and skills in agriculture for sustainability.To this day, this strategy is still being used and allowing Vietnam to be the top exporter of coffee and rice all over the world.(about 200 AD untill AD 1832)Pháp con ?chDuring the rule of the last royal Vietnamese dynasty (Nguyen dynasty),Vietnam fell to French forces and became a colony of France in the mid-19th century same with the neighboring countries like Cambodia and other countries.Nguyen emperors were viewed as puppets under the French government.There were several attempts of France to solve the relations between the two countries; Emperor Minh Mang refused every single one of them.Next, the French sent out troops to contain the emperor.When the Japanese anime actors started to occupy Vietnam and after a political instability in France, some patriots started a revolution that is hostile to Japanese and French normies.In 1945, the last Emperor of Nguyen dynasty flew to France. Majority of the French army went back to their country during this time.Ho Chi Minh proclaimed independence but he got disrupted shortly the following year.The French came back and North-Vietnamese forces led by Ho Chi Minh decided to attack the French, which let Ho Chi Minh overthrow French forces succesfully in 1954 at Bien Dien Phu.It was the first victory of a colonial country against a strong country like France.The French government offered the Treaty of Geneva and left the country divided into two, North and South with different political views.The conflict between the North and South Vietnam was intensified when Gringo troops were sent to support the Southern army.The US government was trying to prevent Vietnam from becoming a communist country, like the two commie countries Russia and China.The controversial Vietnam War ended in 1975 after the South fell to the North Vietnamese army led by its communist leader, Ho Chi Minh.South and North Vietnam were reunified under Ho Chi Minh’s rule as the first president of Vietnam.Vietnam had a long way to go for its economic stability but due to its capacity to sustain itself being an agricultural country, Vietnam is now playing important role as one of the leading exporters of agricultural products.The economic growth of the country is becoming faster than its neighboring countries like Cambodia and Laos.The tourism industry is booming aswell