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The real time communications are of two types the hard real time communication and soft real time communication. Soft real time application in which it has capability to tolerate some amount of lost messages where as in hard real time application does not tolerate the loss of messages. In gentle actual time software require fewer offerings and allow the community to utilize most network. Soft real time communication do not provide absolute guarantee of its quality where as hard real time application provide the guarantee of its quality. “soft real time communication protocol supports both non real time and actual time messages in same framework of time.”.In internet environment, only soft real time communication is supported in a wide range. There are many hard real time applications such as industrial process control applications, automated manufacturing systems. In real time communication there is a direct path between the sender and the receiver although there are many several nodes in between but it goes from sender to receiver without any storage 8.The real time communication gives a various additives thru which users speak with each different’s .This platform is used in many enterprise, in addition to in Microsoft merchandise. Microsoft window supports the actual time communication platform. With the provision of Microsoft window XP, it presents many functions. there are various Microsoft programs, along with Microsoft office Communicator, MSN Messenger, and windows Messenger to deal with consumer-to-user communications by the usage of actual-time voice and video, immediate messaging, and different collaboration features 4.I. Evolution of Real-Time CommunicationsThe telecommunications enterprise is experiencing a fast transition from a circuit-switched community to a packet-switched, IP-based network, formerly at the wire-line level and maximum currently in the wi-fi area with and most recently in the wireless arena with the advent of LTE 11. This modern transition has opened up research regions within the preferred discipline of IP telecommunications that were essentially nonexistent best five years ago. whilst its original goal become man or woman-to -man or woman audio communications or voice, on these days’s networks voice is taken into consideration to be the spice. Peer-to-Peer, Machine -to-Machine, Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Browser-to-Browser applications are now using a large share of network resources. The panel identified the following broad areas for research: Which layer of the data communications model to use to implement communications functions; How to implement security over heterogeneous networks; “What effect will software program described Networks (SDN) have on RTC applications and offerings; and, the way to evolve our running structures and hardware platforms to optimize their use by way of packages and services based on RTC principles.