The pedagogical, and (3) psychosocial areas (Bachore,

The Common Agenda of European Council (2001)
defines six levels of proficiency in a language. All level that explained
includes following skills: reading and listening comprehension as receptive or
input skills, writing and speaking as productive or output skills. There are
three fields, which should be considered
when describing mobile assisted language learning: (1) physical or touchable,
(2) pedagogical, and (3) psychosocial areas (Bachore, 2015). Physical issues in this research
related to a size of the screen, storage
capacity, battery life and the speed of processor of the mobile phone. The issues
of Pedagogical in this research refer to confirming the tasks suited to the
affordances of the mobile phone used. Psychosocial issues in this research
refer to the social environment. While laptops and desktop used for work or research
purposes, it also can be the substitutes devices for the mobile devices. Mobile devices designed for personal or
social purposes.

Based on Jarvis & Archileos (2013) if learner uses a
computer in their process of language learning. Every procedure which includes
this process that makes the learners improve their language skills counted as a Computer Assisted Language
Learning (CALL). CALL has become founded and recognized in the language education
in the early 1980s. The early domain of CALL limited only to PC or desktop
computers with a few basics programs of mechanical software. However, this area
has developed over the years to include virtual
learning environments, mobile applications, online blogs and vlogs (video
blogs), online courses, etc. The improvement and mobile technologies advance, their
widespread availability has directed to the new creation area called Mobile
Assisted Language Learning (MALL). Chen (2013) explain that this
term used both in the informal and the formal area of foreign languages
learning. The term of MALL actually is different
with CALL as of its personal or private use, the function of portable technology
devices like mobile phone allows the learner to learn in the new ways. MALL is
a quite new research area, although people nowadays have been using personal
mobile or portable devices (Gafni R. , 2009). Gafni (2017 ) stated that the main
gap in MALL to the traditional language learning
process is the mobility and connectivity of the learner, besides to the potentials
of spatial and time shifts yielding improved learning opportunities.

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