The played a major factor in the expulsion

The text “Expulsion of the Jews from
France” shows us the reasons and importance of the expulsion of Jewish communities
from France. It also let us know about the culture of the civilizations

The text was created mainly due to the
expulsions of Jews from France as the title suggests. It also lets us know
about what led to the expulsion and who were actually behind the expulsions.
Jacob Marcus wrote the text for his The Jew in the Medieval World: A
sourcebook. He wrote this text to let readers know his views about the
sufferings Jews had in France during the expulsion, also to let readers what
was the reason behind those expulsions and also who were behind it. There are 3
significant facts, which the text reveals as historical realities that produced
this text.

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The first one would be Economy. From the
text, we get to know that one of the main reasons for the expulsion of Jews
from France was lack of wealth in France. At that time, Jews had a lot of
wealth and when Philip Augustus came to power, he wanted to use that wealth to
hold on to his throne and also to fight feudal barons as mentioned in the text.
The phrase “When they had made a long sojourn there, they
grew so rich that they claimed as their own almost half of the whole city, and
had Christians in their houses as menservants and maidservants, who were open
backsliders from the faith of Jesus Christ, and judaized with
the Jews” 1 shows us how wealthy the Jews were even though France wasn’t their
home country. We also knew that French Christians were in debt to Jews and King
Philip wanted to change that because of the things he heard about the Jews in
France. The King seized all the real estates Jews owned and kept for himself. These
shows economy of France in 1180 played a major factor in the expulsion of the



Besides that, Religion was another big factor in the expulsion of
Jews from France, which eventually led to the creation of this text. King
Philip was a Christian. SO it was understandable why he was so interested in
the expulsion of Jews. According to the text, the King often heard that Jews
kill Christians secretly during the sacred days. According to my understanding,
he didn’t want Christians to be under Jews in the land of the Christians. The
phrase “”Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother,” but “to
a stranger,” the Jews in their wickedness understood by
“stranger” every Christian, and they took from the Christians their
money at usury” 1 tells us that the Jews made money by lending money to
Christians at high interest rates which is not acceptable by the church,
according to the text. Similar to this, Jews have made a lot of “crimes”
against Christianity, which eventually led the Christian King Philip to conduct
the expulsion

Lastly, the fact that led to the expulsion of Jews from France was
social issues. Jews kept French as prisoners. I think that the King Philip
hated this social discrimination by Jews on the Christians. He also wanted to
show the power of a King by asking Jews to sell their belongings in a specific
period and asked them to leave the country even though Jews were economically
and at that time, socially stronger. These are the issues that led to the
expulsion of Jews from France.

I personally think that the text supports the expulsion of Jews
from France and the decision to do so by the King Philip. It gives the reasons
for the expulsion and also the reasoning for the King’s decisions. A lot of
things that happened led to the expulsion as mentioned earlier. The king needed
money and he make use of the religion he followed to get what he wanted. The
passage “At this time 1180-1181 a great multitude of Jews had been dwelling
in France for a long time past, for they had flocked thither from divers parts
of the world, because peace abode among the French, and liberality; for the
Jews had heard how the kings of the French were prompt to act against their
enemies, and were very merciful toward their subjects. And therefore their
elders and men wise in the law of Moses, who were called by the Jews didascali teachers,
made resolve to come to Paris.” 1 from the text shows the Jews knew how the
Kings treat their enemies. This shows the intellect of the Jews and also the
culture of the French Kings in terms of war. The King didn’t kill all of the
Jews like other empires did to Jews. Instead, He asked the Jews to leave the
country while leaving their belongings behind. It was good political move in my
view at that time.

As a conclusion, I think the Jews were more opportunistic and the
French were very selfish. The Jews thought they could settle in France with the
economical and intellectual ability they posses but the King Philip had other
plans. The text was very helpful in understanding how both civilizations think
and react in that period of time.