The occasions, which threatens broader regional stability, as

The current and ongoing mission I chose to focus on is the United
Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UDOF) located in Golan Heights, which is
an area between Syria and Israel. The UDOF was established in May 1974 by
Security Council Resolution 350 following the “Agreement of Disengagement”
between the Israeli and Syrian forces in the Golan (UN Peacekeeping). This was
around the time of the Arab-Israeli War. Since its inception, the UDOF remains
in the area of the Golan in order to enforce and supervise the implementation of the ceasefire between
these two states. Which is in addition to post war tensions between these
states, where the tensions are still relatively high.

            A little
background on the location of the Golan Heights dates back to June 5th-10th
of 1867, during the Arab-Israeli War, which is also known as the Six Day War. During
this war, Israel had gained control of the Golan Heights from Syria. In 1973, an
additional war began as Syria launched a surprise attack on Israel. Despite
this surprise attack though, Israel prevailed, but the tensions still remained
high between Syria and Israel. The significance of the Golan Heights has had
many rumors, including its rich in oil, great for farming, but unquestionably
the Heights are over 300 feet higher in elevation than the rest of the land
surrounding it. When a state is fighting a war, it is hard to advance against plateaus,
and this obstacle is an advantage for Israel. The ceasefire agreement has been
violated by multiple parties on a number of occasions, which threatens broader
regional stability, as well as the safety of UNDOF peacekeepers (Better World

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            As of
October 2017, the total number of personnel supporting this mission is 1,130.

The top contributors to this operation are Nepal, Fiji, India, and Ireland. Due
to the more recent conflict in Syria, there has been many violations of this ceasefire
and much of it was in part to the military forces in the region. In June of
2017, the UN adopted a new security resolution that renewed the UN mandate
until December 2017. This resolution was again, heavily condemning the use of
armed forces in the region by not only Syrian armed forces, but other armed
forces as well.  There has been UDOF
patrols in the areas of military activity which contributes to the number on
the fatality count. The number of fatalities to date is 48 for the UDOF, partly
because tensions between Syrian government forces and the Israeli forces
continue to clash. At this point in time, I would consider Israel a weak state,
simply because of its territory. Jewish people used to be referred to as “stateless
people” before the creation of Israel and to this day Syria, along with other
UN members, doesn’t officially recognize Israel’s presence either.