Development conditions with alterations in the existing structures,

Development from our point of view is to bring about improvements for better life conditions with alterations in the existing structures, improvements for positive and constructive change.

Administration implies a structural arrangement of historical authorities for the performance of state functions and tasks, for the achievement of consciously pre-formulated and debated objectives and goals of the society.

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We would like to inform our students that development of administration is essentially bringing about positive improvements for better and efficient performance. It thus implies, improvements in the following things:

1. Improving the existing organisational structures of public administration.

2. Improving the capabilities, and skills of the public administrators through education and training.

3. Improving methods and techniques of administration.

4. Improving cultural and behavioural components of public administrators.

The capabilities and capacities of public administrators must be kept strengthened with pace in relation to knowledge concerning new technology. The technology should not outstrip the capacity of administrative system to deliver the goods.

Professor Caiden says further that, “we also know what misery public administration can leave in its wake and how frustrating it is, to deal with insensitive uncaring and incompetent bureaucrats. It is the vision of what could be and the evidence of what is the fuel of administrative reforms”.

To the question, whether there is any Indian contribution to the theory of administrative reforms, the answer was given by Professor M.A. Muttalib.

We agree with Professor Mutailib that “every report of reforms committee is a piece of research with necessary empirical basis”. Professor Muttailib thinks that post independence reform activity provided much needed credibility of academics as a class in an effort to reform the administrative machine.

Bureaucracy has been idealised and has found a new ideological moorings. Bureaucracy is emerging as an instrument for social justice. More realisation on the part of Indians for “Indianness” of solutions to Indian problems.