The main job for an arts management is

The main job for an arts management is to create opportunities, they
need to plan and eliminate a strategy. To confirm that the artist will do well
artistically, they also need to ensure that they connect them with the right
people. They need to look out for their artist individually and make the
decisions that the artist may not feel comfortable making themselves and
announce the bad news the artist may also not feel capable of doing so. They
will usually have a good structured plan set out for the artist and will do
everything they can possibly do to make it a reality. This is all means they
need to coordinate and make efforts of everyone working for the artist more
efficient. Such as agents, publishers, label A&R’s, PR people and many
others. It also means they need to negotiate contracts for the artist, and to
pursue opportunities even when it seems like a wasted effort. They are meant to
have faith in their artists and believe that they can do well in the music
industry and to keep on getting back out there and pursuing opportunities and
selling even when most of the time, the answer is NO. they’re also meant to
have the courage and assertiveness in order to say when a product isn’t good
enough to make money and profit. The relationship between the artist and
manager tends to become personal over time which is good, as two people cannot
work well together by hating the other. Good managers are involved artistically
and will help to develop the musical content and branding. They need to
establish some form of trust for the artist to be able to appreciate the
feedback given to them by the manager however they still need to be able to
respect each other’s authority within certain subjects.  Managers who begin to work with artists in
their early days tend to be business related friends or want to be industry
professionals, however they take on the job as they have a belief in the music
the artist is creating.  They may also be
the booking agent within the early days, these are called the individual
managers. More experienced managers tend to work with record labels as such but
tend to be pickier on the artists they work with. There is a downfall however
when you choose to go for more experienced managers, as they tend to not pay as
much attention to one individual as they are more than likely working with many
artists at the same time. Being with an experienced professional arts manager,
could be quite stressful and may be too overwhelming especially if you are just
starting your journey to the music world, the manager may give you too many
challenges to face and this could knock you back. However, if you start off
with one that isn’t as experienced themselves you may be able to grow with them
as a person and gain experience along the way and this could result in a
lifelong friendship.