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The story The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling is a fantasy that talks in third person omniscient. This story is about a little boy that always wanted to eat chocolate. But one day, after wandering into a candy store and buying a piece of chocolate that little did he know made everything taste like chocolate. This story mainly takes place in school. As it states on page 52, “john walked between the great stone pillars at the entrance to the school grounds.” This is an important setting because this is where john really starts realizing that everything is actually tuning into chocolate. If the setting was different then john wouldn’t have made the glove, coin, trumpet, and pencil turn into chocolate. The main character in The Chocolate Touch is john. John had went into a candy store to buy some chocolate for a coin he had picked on the sidewalk just recently. John snuck it home and that following night he ate it. The next morning everything he ate tasted exactly like chocolate. My dad and john both like chocolate but john has an addiction and my dad only eats it when he wants a snack. Everything to john tasted like chocolate and anything he would touch with his lips would turn right to chocolate. John made it home after school he saw his mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek, she instantly turned into chocolate. John realized it was that little piece of chocolate from the candy store that was causing all this trouble. So he had went back to the candy store and told the storekeeper what was happening. The owner was trying to teach john a lesson. The storekeeper then turned everything that john had turned to chocolate back to normal. The author was trying to let john know that chocolate isn’t something you should eat all day. So he taught john not to be so addicted to it and to eat it as a snack, not for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I think that this is the theme because john had wanted chocolate all day, everyday. So john should learn a lesson that you shouldn’t eat chocolate all the time. As it states on page 118,”For one moment John couldn’t help imagining a future of all-chocolate meals. The thought was terrible.” This is a good book because it can also teach others a lesson if they have a chocolate addiction, and it is inspirational. There is not a specific audience i would recommend this to because it could help lots of people with other addictions.