The in everyday situations. The effects that media

      The idealistic impression that individuals have set within their minds that language and violence are not associated is fallacious; there’s a certain divide that affiliates language and violence in many ways within the real world. One of those abounding ways is the destructiveness and aggression caused by the media to the effect that kids wield drastic measures in everyday situations.            The effects that media and language have can induce physical aggression and hostility to the people, mainly the adolescent. Media violence is characterized as visual portrayals of physical action that causes agony or misery. It may lead someone to believe that aggressive behavior might be required in certain situations and bring certain benefits when used. Violent entertainment is not only attained through movies, but also television shows, music videos and lyrics, commercials, video games and social media. Many people are affected by these riotous themed movies, songs, social media and video games. One of the most common effects have been adolescents committing suicide, teens becoming aggressive adults, and people mimicking what they see or hear within these movies, music, and video games.            Thousands of teens commit suicide every year because of the effects caused by social media and the violence associated within it. One of my close friends commited suicide, the reason being bullying on social media. He felt that his life was less important due to an individual saying hurtful and damaging words. Situations like this happen everyday around the world, if we didn’t have violence within media, occurrences like this would be less likely to happen.            The nobel peace prize winner Toni Morrison once said, “Oppressive language does more than represent violence; it is violence; does more than represent the limits of knowledge; it limits knowledge. Whether it is obscuring state language or the faux-language of mindless media;” In her famous speech she even mentioned how violence is very much related to language. Language causes many issues in our society and always will.            In conclusion the malicious effects that language and violence bring will everlastingly leave an impression on our generations, primarily in the minds of youths, they will always be very much related. Individuals assume that these things won’t greatly affect our attitude or behavior but in reality it impinges it greatly.