The I am. As a student, my success

The road to pursue a higher education is filled with many challenges. At 18 years of age, I was stressed out and frustrated with all the low paying jobs in my area: salesmen, retail, and receptionist. Trust me, there is nothing like selling a product you don’t believe in, especially when dealing with rude customers, to truly awaken and motivate an individual to obtain a higher education. That’s why the proudest accomplishment of my life so far was earning my Bachelor’s degree, despite that my immediate environment and culture clearly pointed in the opposite direction.

Taking part in a local community college and fully investing myself into the psychology program allowed me to experience new opportunities and different ideologies; I excelled academically thanks to this new and refreshing environment. Most of my psychology professors would give advice on what graduate schools to apply for and what it means to pursue a higher education. One big takeaway is that if one gives it their all, and follows what they are passionate about they will be successful. To fight the temptation of student loans, I worked a minimum of thirty hours a workweek for four years to put myself through my undergraduate studies. I paid whatever tuition I owed through installments or upfront, if my scholarships didn’t cover it. My father, a Mexican immigrant who works himself to the bone for his family, has instilled that work ethic in me; which will forever be a part of who I am.

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As a student, my success lies in that I approach my studies as if my life depended on them. I also believe that to be taken as a professional one must take their studies seriously, so I approached my classes both with an open mind and a sense of professionalism. I always enrolled in the classes that truly challenged me and worked with professors who were the most qualified. When it came to grades, I never quite settled for what I got. I always wanted to be a better student and would constantly ask for ways to improve, which ultimately made my work stronger and made me grow as an individual.

My focus during my undergraduate studies has always been towards graduate school and having a career as a professional psychologist. One of my long-term goals is to bring psychological counseling services to low income areas around the world. Being able to expand and see different perspectives from individuals of different nationalities is what makes psychology…breathtaking. With a global mindset, it is of utmost importance that one is exposed to new environments and ideologies.

Why Webster’s? I strongly believe that Webster would provide me with an incredible amount of training in my profession. The idea of being exposed to various ideologies and receiving individualized attention is exactly what I’m looking for. In all the research I’ve done on master’s degrees in psychology, Webster’s psychology program with an emphasis in counseling was the first one to truly excite me. This application process is one in which I am truly giving it my all.

To be completely prepared for the cost of fulltime graduate school I’ve become very frugal. I have garnered the support both emotionally and financially of my family, while also working a full-time job. I believe I am ready to perform and excel in your program as I am mentally, academically, and financially stable. I would love the opportunity to fulfill my purpose at Webster’s. Thank you for considering my application.