The of all deaths in Canada and

The healthcare currently accessible to the public is
greatly inadequate. Fortunately, there are several solutions available.
Firstly, high prescription cost and lack of insurance coverage can be solved
with a universal Pharmacare plan. Secondly, creating a new plan that would
change the way care is delivered and organized to deal with lack of proper care
that patients with chronic diseases face. Lastly, funding mental health
services for the young can prevent the long wait times and high costs many
suffer. Therefore the solutions to a failing healthcare system are introducing
Pharmacare, the Chronic Care Model, and funding mental health services for the

First of all, there are tremendous burdens which
come along when diagnosed with a chronic disease; expensive medical bills,
treatments and drug costs, physiotherapy costs, and more. The current solution
to this problem is unsuitable and uses outdated that have not been modernized
over time. The Canadian healthcare system follows a plan from the 1960s which
was good for the time when there were more acute healthcare needs, but since
then there has been a rise in chronic conditions such as cardiovascular and
respiratory diseases. Seniors, for instance, are more susceptible to chronic
conditions and are not given the proper care from a hospital; the elderly would
benefit more from at home care for example. The solution is simple, increasing
funding for chronic disease care and prevention. The increasing in funds would
mean helping the public to make healthy decisions avoiding diseases such as
diabetes. Also, an increase in support for family care givers, more access to
affordable and effective treatments and medication. Cardio vascular, diabetes,
cancer, and chronic respiratory diseases account for 65% of all deaths in
Canada and funding could be a solution in solving this crisis.

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Over 3, 500 Canadians die by suicide each year, and
about 800 of Canadians are young people. With that in mind putting funding
towards an education program and crisis intervention would be a smart solution;
also the government could pay for counseling for youth for up to 8 sessions. A
parent of a child suffering with mental health problems could go seek the
service of a psychiatrist that is covered by Medicare, the problem that arises
when scheduling an appointment are the months that it will take to see a
clinician. However, the parents can pay for around $125 per hour to avoid the
excessive wait times. Thus, meaning that if parents are not able to pay for a
private service, the children must suffer alone for months at a time. Mental
illness costs the economy more than $50 billion a year, but according to
Senator Michael Kirby, founding chairmen of Partners for Mental Health, “if you
get them early you avoid a lifetime of problems and costs”, and, “a drain on
the economy”. Therefore this would be a decision a money conscious government could