The I will take into account what

purpose of Physical Education is to provide students with the opportunity to
learn about physical and mental health, movement strategies, teamwork, and
problem-solving. My class will allow students to discover their strengths,
weaknesses, likes, and dislikes pertaining to health fitness. I plan to expose
students to various physical activities, encouraging them to continue being
physically active inside and outside of class. I will offer extra credit for
participating in non-school related sports activities. This course will permit
students to a rich background of experiences, helping them pursue in greater
depth different physical activities or sports they may want to partake in.

Providing my students with a safe and comfortable environment is held in
high regard. Students will feel physically and emotionally safe, surrounded by
an anti-bullying atmosphere. I will take into account what each child needs
from my class in order to feel comfortable, motivated, and successful. I will
be accepting of the diversity of my students, understanding that each child
will come in various shapes and sizes with numerous abilities, desires, and
motivation levels. Accepting individual differences and including everyone in
activities will be of importance. My objective is to develop a respectful,
fair, and fun environment for all students. Enthusiasm and appreciation for the
students are essential to fostering an enjoyable classroom setting. I will
encourage them to recognize that the highest level of competition is within

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goal is to help students understand that we each have different abilities and
that it’s our job to use our talents to our advantage, not only to benefit
ourselves but to influence others. Offering my class with achievable goals, as
well as challenging them will provide students with a means of determination.
We will practice social skills by being responsible, self-controlled, and
respectful. Participating in full effort, to the best of one’s abilities, is a
requirement and will be a crucial part considered in the grading process.
Following directions, practicing safety guidelines, and listening carefully to
instructions will be expected from all students. Medical modifications will be
made if a student is hurt. A doctor’s note will need to be on file for a
student to sit out of class.

strive to securely provide the means for students to appreciate physical
activity, become more self-confident in their abilities, increase their
awareness of health-related fitness, and help them find ways to remain
physically active. I believe in the importance of values and building
character. My philosophical perspective can impact students/athletes in the
future by encouraging them to discover and develop their abilities and full
moral excellence. I desire to serve as a role model, leaving a legacy of my
passion for physical education.