The become a specialist practitioner in the

The foremost reason I want to pursue this Scholarship Program is it specialized
focus on scientist/practitioner model. As it is obvious from my profile that I
persisted with my field in both education and practice, I will be pleased to
join this highly tailored program because of its unique and balanced approach. Specifically,
the breadth across all the research domains indicate that it is a thorough
program to facilitate me become a complete researcher.


I am also strongly interested in pursuing
this program so as to become a specialist practitioner in the field of networks.
Another important significance for me is my interest in exploring strategies by
which we can work out solution for the common global issues of increased
internet traffic and issues related to the cloud computing scalability and
security. For instance, how can we manage the traffic in the data center
network? What is the impact of software defined networking in ethernet and
hybrid data centers? How can we SDN based hybrid optical-packet switched cloud
data centers? How can we maintain the ethernet based data center networking?
And many other key areas.

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The interventions related courses
fascinated me as they on one hand will impart key practical skills such has how
to implement intelligent network system and on the other hand will inculcate next
generation network devices. These focused interventions complemented by
research work mean that no side is kept unpolished. As modern scientific
practitioners focus on research to create the best and optimal intervention
strategies, so the CGS program helps me in learning modern research techniques
in the field of networks.

Up until now, it has been a good start but
this is just a beginning which I want to convert into something substantial. I
want to achieve much more in my field through this distinctive opportunity.
Success is incomplete without legacy therefore I want to give back to global
community. I chose the path of excellence and in the pursuit of it, I thus far
have achieved whatever best was possible for me in my limited available
resources and challenging circumstances. With this highly international and
relevant degree, I strongly believe I can thrive forward to a more fulfilling
career in my chosen field of study. To conclude, this Ph.D. program is a
building block for my passion to serve this under addressed yet very vital
field, paving the way to serve and lead with impact and excellence. I look
forward to a thrilling experience.


Regarding my extracurricular activities, I
like book and newspaper reading and traveling. I appreciate the value of the
insistence, ambition and team spirit. I have learnt how to work as a team
member and that commitment is necessary for success as an individual.