The fact, checks and balances are very important

The Constitution works because of the balance between the three branches of the government, and the amendments that can change the Constitution. The three branches of the constitution are the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches. These branches are kept equal to power by checks and balances. As a matter of fact, checks and balances are very important because by keeping the branches equal, the government and country can run evenly. Amendments are very important to the constitution because that’s how the constitution can be changed. Not only, but also, all the states are united and that is because of federalism. To summarize this, every part of the constitution is needed to keep it balanced.Checks and balances were created in 1787 by the constitution. Checks and balances is a system that enables each branch to veto acts of other branches, which prevents any branch from gaining too much power. In other words Checks and balances are to help keep the three branches equal to power because if one gets too powerful there would be no reason of having any of the branches. For instance, passing bills without the other branches approval would happen if the Legislative branch got too powerful. The president, which is the head of the Executive branch would be able to pass treaties and choose the cabinet members if the Executive branch gained too much power. So overall, Checks and Balances is a very important system to the constitution because by keeping the three branches equal to power, everyone in the government can be equal, and that is what contributes to a successful constitution and a better government.The Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches are each in charge of doing something. The Legislative branch, which consists of The House of Representatives and the senate, is in charge of making laws. The president is the head of the Executive branch, which is in charge of enforcing laws. The Supreme Court is the head of the Judicial branch, which is in charging of making sure all laws are kept constitutional. As shown above, the three branches all work together to establish a successful constitution and an excellent government.The constitution also works because of Amendment Process. Amendment Process can change the constitution as needed. One way an amendment can be started is by having two third of both houses of the congress vote for the amendment. One way an amendment can be accepted is by having three fourth of the state legislature approve it. By the congress proposing an amendment to the legislature, or from the national convention to the state conventions, an amendment can be made. The amendment will be added to the constitution if they both pass it. For instance, Freedom of Religion. It was added in the first amendment of the constitution, and it allows people to have control over their own religion and beliefs. To sum up, amendment process is a very essential part of the constitution to help grow and change the government as needed.In conclusion, I think that the three branches, Checks and balances, amendment process, and federalism are all very important to constitution. The three branches help run the government evengly. Checks and balances keep the three branches equal to power. Amendment process is able to grow and change the government as needed, and finally federalism keeps all the states united. Altogether these factors work to establish a successful constitution, and a strong government. Because of how the constitution functions, America is a great place to live in.