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The reproductive system is part of people’s body in order for human existence to sustained. The male and the female are formed and developed distinctively, which gives each system a distinctive job, but they also have some similarities. The male’s reproductive system function is to produced, maintained and transport sperm (Cleveland Clinic, 2017) .The female’s reproductive system is to produce and stored ova, and support an embryo that develops. . All together both systems contain functional organs and hormones that work together to generate life. When males go through their adolescent years, changes begin to occur physically and emotionally throughout their body. During puberty boys will develop a deeper voice, hair growth in thepubic area, armpits, legs, arms, and face. Testicles start to get grow and increase, and their testes will then be able to produce sperm and a hormone called testosterone. The penis will increase in length, but not grow as much in width. Meanwhile, the prostate, the two seminal vesicles and Cowper’s glands produce and discharge fluids that combine with the sperm to form semen. Sexual feelings and erections will also be developed. Erections occur when the penis is filled with blood and stretches in size and shape. Basically, when boys hit puberty from ages 9-14 they will be able to get a female pregnant.  The male reproductive system is mostly located outside the body. The structures that are involved are the penis, scrotum ,testicles, and the (Cleveland Clinic, 2017). The penis is the organ that is needed for sexual intercourse because it transports semen into the female vigina. The penis is composed of three parts. The first part is the roots, they are connected to the wall of the abandoned, it connects the penis to the bone of the pelvis through several ligaments. The root is made up of 3 erectile tissues, the two crura and the bulb of the penis. The second part is the shaft known as the body , it is the part that extends out the body to the tip of the penis.The third part is the glans, which is the head of the penis and the tip is the urethral which is open letting semen and urine come out. The glans is a delicate area with multiple nerve endings, so it is covered with a layer of loosened skin known as foreskin (Cleveland Clinic, 2017) ,in order to protect it’s sensitivity. The scrotum is an organ made of skin that looks like a sac and hangs behind the penis. Its consist of 2 pouches that are alongside and each contains testes, one gland produces sperm and the other stores the sperm.  The testes are the oval organs that are about the size of an olive  (Cleveland Clinic, 2017) . Their function is to make testosterone and produce sperm. The function of the scrotum is to keep the testes at a constant temperature a little cooler than the body temperature (Cleveland Clinic, 2017). The Epididymis is a long firmly coiled tube that rest along the backside of each testicle. In figure 1, the epididymis looks like it is bend on the back edge of each testis. It also consists of three sections there is a head, body, and tail. The head stores sperm until it is ready to go through maturation. The body is a  long twisted tube where the sperm will then mature. The tail  Even though the epidermis looks like a small organ , it is actually long when fully stretched.