The that directly affect their daily lives.

reason for this research lies in the fact that expansion of alternative media
channels in India has triggered the new dimension of mass media channels
especially in terms of its role in empowerment at grassroots level. The aim of
this research is to investigate how community radio initiatives in India has
emerged as a powerful participatory medium of communication for the empowerment
of underprivileged and marginalized communities in terms of skill development. A
Responsible citizen is central aspect of democracy.  

and commercialization of mass communication
channels has deteriorated the content in terms of kind and the nature of issues
highlighted. The channels influenced by privileged class deliver partial and
distorted information to the people. The malpractices of paid news and
propagating propaganda have questioned the credibility of media. Community
based media which can play a neutral and growth-centric role is the need of
hour. In the era of market-driven industry and commercialization the presence
of community media is very significant.  Community media provide platform to those who do not have
any other channels to express their concerns. It has evolved from
dissatisfaction with mainstream media and which offer an alternative media
channel for the community.  An
essential component of community media is community radio. Community radio
derives its genesis from the fundamental principles of democracy based on equal
and active participation in civic affairs. A low level of literacy rate and
even lower awareness towards democratic society in rural areas has triggered
the need of community radio. Consequently the
community radio has become an important medium for development and social
change, giving communities a platform for communicating about local issues,
news and challenges that directly affect their daily lives. Rennie (2006) emphasizes the role and value of community media as
citizens’ ability for self-representation and self expression. It’s the
relationship between participation, skill development and empowerment that will
work as a theoretical framework to analyze how participation contributes
the process of skill development and ultimately it empowers communities. 

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