The women’s integrity. This is not the

The series also portrays how the preparatory very casually slips
away, being a very close relative.

An interesting thing to watch is the hypocrisy of men, when we
see Numeric relationship with his daughter Naila. We see how he is extremely
protective of her.

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The victim is abused by different people over and over again,
abuse is shown as a normal occurrence. 
Threes is excessive physical contact.

The women are manhandled, being reduces to mere objects, used to
sensalize abuse. Not only Numair but her husband also abuses Rameen. In episode
17 we see Rameen being abused by her husband and further in episode 11 by her
brother in law. There is little or no importance given to women’s integrity.

This is not the first time that directors and producers have
relied on women helpnesessness to get Trps. In episode 14 Azar puts allegation
on Rameen, that she married her only for getting close to Numair. And  in episode Numair abuses her wife, for she
decides on revealing the truth to Rameen.

And then there is also this stereotypical image of women being
portrayed in episode 14 where we see how Rameen is still faithful to her
husband after all the abuse, and allegation he had put on her.


There is excessive physical contact between the actors in all
the episodes and the spotlight is on the victim being abused by different
people over and over again. This abuse is shown as an everyday occurrence
because the highlight of the play is showing the victim being abused in all
ways possible. The integrity of women in this play has completely been
relegated to the background. The women in this drama have been reduced to
objects who are being used to sensationalize abuse. It isn’t only Numair who
manhandles Rameen every chance he gets but even her husband physically and
verbally abuses her. Since many predators behave like the ‘perfect gentlemen’
society doesn’t doubt them. Numair tells Rameen: “Ziadti thori na ki thi pyaar
kiya tha tumse.” It happened and so smoothly because we live in a patriarchal
society which is unsupportive to women.





Thanda Ghosht


The story is about the communal violence of 1947. Ishwar Singh, a
Sikh fails to make love to his mistress. She suspects him of infidelity and In
a fit of jealousy she stabs her husband with his own dagger. While dying,
Ishwar Singh admits his crime of attempted rape with an unconscious Muslim
girl, who was actually dead.Hence the title “Cold Flesh”.Manto has Kalwant Kaur as an insecure and desperate
wife. Using her sexuality to gain his husbands attention, so that he reveals
the truth. Isher Singh, her husband fails to make love to his mistress, and she
keeps on provoking him, by touching her body. Manto has here oversexualised
women body, through descriptions.

ghosht, illustrates the episode of a sikh guy Isher Sing, who during the
partition riots abducts a Muslim girl and rapes her, only to realise later that
she was dead.

The lead
female protaginst is portrayed as a ‘typical, desperate and suspicious
housewife’, who stats scolding her husband for not being able to give him
sexual pleasure.and also doubts tat he had been sleeping with another woman.

The afsana
begins by focusing on the eyes of a woman desperately staring her husband,
followed by focusing on her legs and sensilizing her body.

It portrays
that to be a strong women you need to have a ‘wide chin’, and not her
intellectual abilities. And how to be areal women you need to have a ‘perfect
body’. “Said Esher Singh, squeezing her breast. I swear to Wheguru, you are a
real women,”1 he started at her naked
body and said I swear to Wheguru you are some women”2

With every
time Kalwant Kaur empasises on something there is also an emphasis on her body
parts, ‘holding her hips’,’holding her lips’.3

1 Thanda gosht – Manto

2 Thanda Ghost – Manto

3 Thanda gosht – Manto