The figure techniques keeping the same pattern with


Greek art period begun after the conclusion of the Dark age, around 900 BC. This
marked the beginning of a time full of change and growth for the Greek art.

Through the innovation and evolution of basic shapes, the art made during this
period would end up being some of the most striking work in ancient times. The
Greeks was a time where art almost came alive through something people call
naturalism, which is the creation of sculptures or paintings for the sole
purpose of showing an action or event. Details were seen in facial expression
and even age marks specially in busts. Artist use color to promote different
moods in their works, dark colors are used to create a sense of mystery and
light colors for a sense of happiness. The color black was used a lot for color
contrast specially on vases, the jar “Terracota
amphora” singed by Andokides used a black to portray darkness and confusion.

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During the Greek art, there was a specific period called the geometric period,
confining itself on the repetition of shapes which is achieved through the
specific placement of repeated components in an art piece that attract the
viewers eye. Athenian vase paintings used the black and red figure techniques keeping
the same pattern with the shapes used demonstrating repetition. The most common
medium during this period was painting on vases, the principle design of unity
was required, for all parts of the image had to work together to be seen as a
whole. In “The Siren vase” unity is
accomplished by the artist making sure that every piece of the art falls in
place to portray the story he is trying to accomplish. Through this pottery
painting, geometric designs like triangles, dots, straight and angles lines
were necessary. Lines started off being either horizontal, vertical or both, as
time passed the curve of lines on the vases were seen to portray the natural
curves of the human body. In the sculpture “The
Pergamon altar” the lines are used to separate the piece into three different
sections and then to create the curves of the different elements in the
sculpture. During the Archaic period of Greek art, people started believing in
different gods thus this historical happening influenced the architecture on
the temples built to honor each god during 600- 480 BC. Callimachus was a
famous sculptor, his style of work contributed to the overall style of the
period in many ways. One his many styles that later influenced other sculptors
during this time was drilling holes through stone, in order to enhanced surface
effects of foliage, shade and light in locks of hair and other details.