The Another con is that the electoral college

The electoral college is a group of electors that vote on their candidate to be president. The public doesn’t directly vote for their president, instead they vote on an elector to vote for the candidate that they want to be  president. The reason it’s like this is because before framers of the constitution did not want the people to choose the president. They thought that they were “politically ignorant”. There are a total of 538 electoral votes, and a candidate needs at least  270 of those votes to become president. The number of electoral votes each state is found by adding the senators to the number of house members. With this electoral college system that we use it have some pros and some cons. Some of the cons about the electoral college is that even though a candidate may win the popular vote they could still lose the electoral vote, preventing them from becoming president. Another con is that the electoral college encourages low voter turnout, which will lead to voter apathy. When people see that their candidate isn’t winning an votes they start to not care and not even bother trying to vote.. Some pros about the electoral college is that is allows everyone to have a stand in the election. Without the electoral college most candidates would reach out to bigger states and big states, and completely ignore smaller states. The electoral college is a blessing and a curse at the same time. We should start considering other plans and different ways to elect our president. We should start practicing direct elections and eventually switch to them. This allows American citizens to truly pick who they want to be their president, basically electing a president based on popular vote. One of the reason that we have an electoral college is that the people of the constitution thought that citizens were to ignorant to be able to make the decision of who they want to be their president, but things are different. Nowadays, there are tons of people that are really into politics and now are smart enough the make a decision that is so important. another thing is that it gives the citizens a chance, it can give them a voice in politics. Sure it’s important to have electoral votes, but what’s the point of having a popular vote if it doesn’t benefit that candidate in terms of becoming president. If a candidate wind the popular vote they should win the election and become president.