The and hope in their mind. The burst

The Daily News

Heaven leaks on Karachi

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Farooq Janahi, staff reporter

Wed Sept 25, 2009


   Karachi – Expect the unexpected, Karachi is
finally irrigated. A pipe bursting at 12 noon led to a congregation of all
people present, with buckets in their hands and hope in their mind. The burst
happened because of the scorching sun that made the pipe leak, but this mistake
turned out pretty well.



   Was this meant to be? Or was it just a
coincidence? Is it god’s will that quenched these people? We may never be sure,
but the important thing is that it really happened.


the dream

   I can see it, families, men, women, all
flabbergasted by drips of water that they may consider more valuable than their
own blood. What they have dreamt about is actually happening, or is it just a



   I pinched myself, it’s actually happening.
Naked children sprinting from every side, sweating men seeking for a drip of
water, women with their rushing hands going crazy, but one thing they had in
common, was that smile on their face. They felt reborn; they felt they could
finally breathe. The moment that these people experienced will be engraved in
their mind forever.



do they think?

   God knows better” said Muhammad, a
55-year-old grandfather that works as a cooker. “This is god’s mercy that
has been descended on us, we waited a lot but now we received our award,”
he added.

   “Mama, Papa, I want to swim!” An
8-year-old girl was shouting with dimples on her cheeks, and tears filling her


wait, it’s over

  Soon the smiles vanished, frantic hands were
everywhere, workers were coming to fix the pipe, and the water was going stop
running. The temper was rising between people, it wasn’t a matter of thirst or
drought anymore, it was a matter of survival.


   “Alisa, Alisa, get out now!” was
shouting a mother to save her daughter from the flying hands and buckets that
may cause severe damage that water isn’t worth it anymore. People were
literally hitting each other; the clear water soon became slightly red because
of the bleeding pupils that were hit for the sake of water.




   The world has many problems, such as
drought, high temperatures, thirst, and many other problems, and most of them
could be solved by having water. This shortage of water causes the cruelest
damage to people, not that they are a small number, more than 1.2 billion
individual is dying slowly because of the lack of the most essential need in
our life, water.


   Is it us that caused this shortage? How much
water do we waste daily? The consumption of water in our daily life is immense,
from washing our hands and face, to cooking, cleaning and even just to refresh.
Water as a scarce resource, I’m sure that we are able to cover all our needs of
water without this profusion, why don’t we think about the poor people that
suffer because of us? Or why don’t we put ourselves in their shoes? Let’s try a
day without water, or we’re too weak, that we allow people to suffer on our
expense? “If you don’t control your consumption of water now, you’ll face
management problems when you grow up,” said my grade-7 teacher, wise words
indeed, so are you willing to make this world a better place?



































   The poem “Blessing” by Imtiaz
Dharker narrates the story of a pipe burst in Bombay – Dharavi. This poem
emphasizes the idea of water shortage in the world, and talks about poverty on
a broad scale. In reaction to the pipe bursts, the poem conveys how the people
reacted, from frantic hands to the roar of tongues.  


   This task has the same job of the poem, as
the poem conveys what happened in an emotional way to gain readers compassion,
this task informs the reader with live tracks of what happened and informs them
with straight facts and individuals statements.


   My aim in this task is to show how we don’t
feel that water is very valuable until we actually lose it. I also want to make
notice about how people may really enjoy wasting water, but what’s the joy of
doing this on the expense of other people? And finally I want to encourage
people not to waste water and be careful when they’re consuming it.


   The news paper article is the best way to
achieve my aims, since a huge amount of people read these kinds of articles,
especially when they aren’t very long, and they have pictures.  News paper articles are very realistic, so
the massage will be delivered to both emotional people, and fact-based people.
My audience includes adults, my tone is emotional, however, I mostly stated
facts. The article is straightforward, but it gives a chance for people to
recount their actions especially about water.