The the fast growing advances in the world

The enigma of life has always fascinated me. The unabated technological
advances in the field of science have opened up growth opportunities in newer
dimensions. To shine in the revolutionary workplace of tomorrow, one has to
have the perfect combination of theory and practical knowledge. Biotechnology
is the field of future that is beneficial to the individual as well as the
society. I want to be an element of innovation in this field, which is creating
a better tomorrow for everyone. To do this, I need to arm myself with requisite
knowledge which a fellowship program can furnish. I envision this program as
the right stepping stone to pursue my dreams and achieve my career goals. 

The field of Biotechnology has always fascinated me from my childhood. From the
days of my school, I have always been beguiled by biology so much that it
reflected on my grades. I
had an excellent and consistent career graph throughout my school life. I
always stood among the meritorious students in my class. I secured 9 CGPA in my
10th grade and stood school second in my 12th grade
with 92.6%.

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constant urge to learn, explore and an appetite to be part of the fast growing
advances in the world by contributing to its development have been instrumental
in sparkling an interest in me for an undergraduate study in biotechnology.  My undergraduate education played a pivotal role in shaping
my future by providing me with a strong and comprehensive background in
biotechnology. Other
than the theory papers, my undergraduate program had good lab programs which
acted as a catalyst to my desire of assimilating to the maximum from the
coursework. The curriculum touched several
aspects of Biotechnology with special emphasis on Biochemistry, Molecular
Biology, Cell   Biology, Bioinformatics, Genetic
Engineering, Immunology, Environmental Biotechnology,Bioprocess engineering,   Plant
Biotechnology and some chemical engineering concepts. My professors were highly appreciative of my performance
both in academics and in the practical field and I have continued being the
department topper from my 1st semester till now and this has got me


My first internship at CSIR-NEERI has
introduced me to environmental microbiology and molecular methods to study
microbial processes with reference to toxic metal remediation. This
steered my interest in research and also helped me to streamline my field of interest
towards Environmental biotechnology particularly: Bioremediation,Industrial
waste management, Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics.  During my research internship, I worked on
“Genomic Analysis of Mercury Resistant
Environmental Bacteria for Identification of Genes Encoding Organomercurial
Lyases” for a period of 6 months. This experience was enriching, allowed me to view
directly all the theory learned in my classes in a practical manner. From the
internship, I have gotten a glimpse of the rigorousness of lab work along with
the anxiety of anticipation, the pure exhilaration of a positive result. This
has further strengthened my dream and desire to be a part of a laboratory where
cutting edge research is performed.


To further nourish my research interest in
Environmental Biotechnology, I joined Biomolecules and Biocatalysis lab, SRM
Institute of Science and Technology(formerly named as SRM University) and started
working on “Biodegradation of bottom tank oil sludge from
petroleum oil refining industry using Biosurfactant and biocatalysts”(from
august 2017 till present). It was at that particular moment when I imparted
the theoretical knowledge provided with some innovative ideas to engineer the
problems in the environment. This has indeed enhanced my problem solving skills
and I am now adept to plan, design and execute experiments that suit my


I believe that out of class pursuits are as
important as core academic excellence, for a holistic educational experience.
Going beyond the precincts of the classroom, I have presented two papers in “International conference
on environment, genes, health & diseases-2017”, India. Which was
an outcome of my research at CSIR-NEERI. I have also Completed a course in “prospects in
pharmaceutical industry” and participated in environmental day 2017 held at

I have hereby proposed few ideas
based on my past experience in research

A. extraction of rare  sugar producing enzymes from isolates of
confectionary waste products.

B. metagenomic analysis of cyanobacterial community
from lakes containing blooms of cyanobacteria.

C. Recovery of metals from e -waste or low grade ores
by bioleaching.


I have an avid curiosity for delving deep into
Environmental Biotechnology, and this has motivated me to apply for this
program. My ultimate aim is to utilize the knowledge and training imparted to
me to work in the biotech industry where I will look to hone and perfect my
practical skills before eventually starting my own Research & Development
Company. To realize these dreams I need to broaden my horizons, receive both
training and guidance. I believe that I will receive just this through such a
fellowship program where working under a researcher’s guidance would aid in
moulding myself into a better researcher and in making significant
contributions to the scientific community I strongly believe that this
international exposure will aid me in understanding the real scenario in the
defined field. Doing a project pertaining to my field of interest will help me
gain practical knowledge. I feel that the intensive and focused study
on the specialised area will succour me greatly in acquiring an in-depth
knowledge and keep me tuned in with the latest developments. This will aid me
specially in pursuing my research in forthcoming years of study.



After this fellowship I believe I would always look
forward for the betterment and bringing up new successful solutions for the
problems and effects faced in this field thus leading to its betterment and

Iam aware that the universities in US offer a great scope for intellectual and
academic development. For this reason I sincerely hope that by associating with
your Universities, I will be able to give back in return as much as I will gain
in my own knowledge under the tutelage of experts from the industry. I hope
that this statement of purpose will merit me a fellowship.