The also their entire community. The quote exposes

The black male will
forever be one of the greatest contributors to the history and wealth of the
United States. Many Americans may claim that the Thirteenth Amendment left a
positive effect on the racial lenses of the American society; nevertheless, the
lives of black males in the United States have been harmfully affected by
negative public perceptions. Whenever the media misrepresent black men, the
image of the whole social group changes. Black men are constantly viewed as a
“type” and not as individuals. Biases among black males have increased due to
racism and media portrayal. The discrimination among black men can be seen in
the mass incarceration rates of the United States. Due to media portrayal and
preconceptions, African American men all over the United States are being
thrown into jail at a more massive rate than other races.

The post-jail mindset
of the black male can hinder the black community from progressing. More than
half of the inmates are diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Jails and
prisons are required to provide basic health screenings for inmates, but often
prison healthcare focuses on stabilizing, rather than treating inmates. Tony Brown
and Evelyn Peterson released an article in June of 2016, named Wounds From The Incarceration that Never
Heal. The articles states, “The wives, girlfriends and children of African
American men who go to jail or prison suffer collateral damage. Studies show
that the children of inmates do less well in school and exhibit behavioral
problems. In addition, women partnered with inmates suffer from depression and
economic hardship. Therefore when these inmates are released, they go back into
society with a carefree attitude that hinders not only their family but also
their entire community. The quote exposes factors of change to men after they
are released from prison or jail, such as the altering of the inmate’s attitude
due to the lack of proper treatment while spending time in these cruel

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The advertisement
above represents how America is hindering the black male from growth through
imprisonment. The effect of any father’s incarceration on most children can
cause them to disobey, resulting in the unfortunate children leading in their
father’s footsteps. The communities that these former inmates and it may be
reasonable to say future inmates may live in are sometimes referred to as “the
hood” or “the projects”. An incriminating black male can be seen all over these
neighborhoods; at least that’s what society wants one to think. The true
question is why are these black men and their perceived lives invaded and at
risk? The reporting of many falsified news stories, over exaggerated movies,
and the lack of empathy for one another has left the black men of America in
danger. Movies such as Menace II Society
have used offensive stereotypes as comedy; this comedy is very offensive to the
black culture and has misrepresented black men along with the community around
them, which causes anyone who enters their community to have preconceptions.
These preconceptions can cause them to judge the black community based on the
stereotypes seen in media, this action can also be seen as a prejudice towards
blacks. Within the past lustrum, there have been many shootings of unarmed
black males; the first thing the shooter screams is that they feared for their
life. Nevertheless, they may have had fear, but it was nothing more than the
fear of what media has set upon them.

advertisement above is from a Netflix film called, 13th. The advertisement states “From slave to criminal
with one amendment”, one may perceive that the ad is inferring to the
thirteenth amendment. The ad is trying to infer that slaves (Black Men) were
freed by the thirteenth amendment, but made criminals at the same time, due to
a prejudice towards them.  The ad is an
informative depiction of a societal problem, one in which degrades African
American men.  Michelle Alexander the
author of the New Jim Crow main thesis was that the criminal justice system
decisively targeted African Americans, making them second-class citizens
similar to the Jim Crow laws and events after the emancipation of slavery. The
being in the ad can be perceived as a black male, the male is wearing striped
clothing like many prisoners today. An underlying detail may be the fact that
the implied prisoners uniform and the American flag are attached in the image.
Needless to say, the advertisement is implying that African American men wear
its country on their shoulders. But yet, African American men are being
harassed by policemen and thrown into jail to spend the rest of their
“miserable” lives.

Given these points,
African American men cannot progress because of all the negativity. The ugly
truth is that racism still exists in the American Society, and probably isn’t
going to stop anytime soon. Therefore, African American men shall continue to
work hard and rise against these misleading stereotypes, which furthers
advances them. Misleading stereotypes will soon cause a downward spiral for the
black community.