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The Story of Jackie RobinsonHave you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder who ended racially segregated baseball?” I’m here to tell you about the story of Jackie Robinson. A determined man with strong will who had to overcome many obstacles.  Have you also thought to yourself, “why is Jackie Robinson important? By the end of this paper you will know the answer.CHILDHOODJackie Robinson, some would say, was the greatest baseball legend of all time. He was a little lad when he was born in Cairo Georgia, January 31 1919. Jackie was a normal kid that participated in many sports. Jackie was an African-American but didn’t have as many privileges as the whites. As a kid he loved to play dodgeball, stickball, jacks, and marbles, he played to win, and almost always won. Jackie moved to Pasadena, California, with his mother in 1920. Jackie excelled in five sports at Muir High school. Not only was he good at baseball, he was all-around good at every sport.  COLLEGE AND ATHLETICSIn college Jackie Robinson went to California at Los Angeles (UCLA) a hero for football. He was the first student to star in 4 four sports. In 1940, at UCLA, Jackie met his future wife Rachel Isum, a smart, kind, nursing student. He then decided to leave UCLA and help his mother work. He moved to Hawaii. Jackie Robinson joined the professional football team, Honolulu Bears, willing and letting a African American to play with them. Mean while there was the pearl harbor attack and Jackie thankfully was already on the ship heading back to California.NEGRO LEAGUEIn 1945, professional baseball was a segregated sport. There was a league for whites only, and there was a negro league (African Americans).  The negro league was racially segregated due to the racism in America. Only African Americans were allowed to play in the Negro league. Whites were forbidden to ever play in Negro league, neither could the players in the Negro league play in the MLB (league for the whites). TEARING THROUGH THE BARRIER In college, Jackie played for the Monarchs. Jackie was an outstanding hitter, smart, agile, good fielder, and fast. Multiple people watched  the negro leagues, sometimes more than in the whites. One day during a game Branch Rickey was scouting Jackie Robinson, looking for an African American to play for him. Soon after that Jackie Robinson was drafted in 1947 to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Due to the draft Jackie Robinson ended racial segregation. He became the first African American to play in an all white team for the MLB. Jackie Robinson was a starter at first base. That year Jackie Robinson got rookie of the year with a batting average of .297. Later on in 1949 he had a batting average of .342! That is insane!JACKIE ROBINSON’S SUCCESSDuring Jackie’s time with the Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie had a lot of success. Something huge that happened was, when Jackie joined the Brooklyn Dodgers they won six national league pennants! Besides Jackie Robinson being the rookie of the year in 1947 he also became the MVP in the year of 1949. In 1955 the Dodgers won it all and were the major-league baseball champions! Later Jackie Robinson was inducted to the hall of fame in 1962. Jackie was awarded the Spingarn Medal for his sportsmanship and his work with young African-Americans. ENDING OF THE LEGEND Later in the October 24, of 1972, something tragic happened. The brave man, known as Jackie Robinson died. Jackie was 53 when a heart attack happened. He died at Stanford hospital at 7:10. Pm We will always remember him.      The most important thing about Jackie Robinson was that he ended racially segregated baseball. Jackie had to overcome many fears with hatred all around. He ended the way people thought about baseball. Instead of playing baseball focused on the race, Jackie Robinson changed that. He made everyone in baseball come together, equally treated and have a fun time. Baseball and the world wouldn’t be the same without him.