” experience that involved using advanced machine learning

Finding your purpose is not enough, the
challenge for our generation is creating a world where everyone has a sense of

This quote by
Mark Zuckerberg inspires me to work for the higher purpose that we are part of
something bigger than ourselves, that we are needed, and have something better
ahead to work for. This purpose is what creates true happiness.

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I still have
explicit memories from seventh-grade creating my maiden web page, with little success.
Coding involved phases of momentary frustration, flagging spirit and numb
fingers. This deterred me a great deal initially and it is then, I made up my
mind to transform this weakness into strength and kept practicing to improve my
programming skills.  I have been blessed to have encouraging teachers,
mentors, parents and friends who fuelled me towards my growth to acquire the
requisite temperament and skills towards Information Technology. Academic
Excellence award for two consecutive years and Junior Achievement in ‘JA
Careers with a Purpose” helped me mould my career goals. Ever since then, I had
been striving to hone my technical skills, persevere through the challenges and
grab every opportunity to learn that came my way.


Now when I
look back perhaps it is my passion and competency gained over the period of years
that catapulted me into the career trajectory of becoming a Software engineer
at Yodlee, a leading data aggregation and analytics services is where I am
currently employed.


I don’t claim
to be the best from the rest, yet what sets me apart from others is the
valuable hands-on experience that involved using advanced machine learning
algorithms and statistics: regression,modeling, clustering, neural networks.
During my 2.5 year-stint with Yodlee in the Data Science department, along with
a conglomeration of statistical and data mining techniques, I have also
developed a specialized interest in understanding and analyzing Financial Data
as we deal with billions of Bank Transactions daily.  Though I am not a
master yet, my fostering passion for discerning solutions hidden in large data
sets and striking a synergy with stakeholders to improve business outcomes,
contributed our team to achieve Yodlee Dream Team Award for the Fiscal Year


My penchant
for Mathematics developed in school that nurtured my interest in Data as being
selected to represent the school in National Level-Math Talent Search
Examination and achieving distinctive performance in Global Achieve,
International Assessment for Science held by Australian Council for Educational
Research (ACER) and National Olympiad held by Science Olympiad Foundation.


formative preparations groomed me with skills, expertise, and confidence,
helping me score 88% in Mathematics and 90% in Computer Applications in the Indian
Certificate of Secondary Education Examination.


Given my early
fascination towards Science and Technology, pursuing study in the engineering
field of Information Technology was almost like a natural consequence.


The strong
curriculum with a wide range of over twenty subjects, inspired me to seek
admission into Narsee Monjee Institute Of Management Studies.

I believe that
my personal background has prepared me ably, as I am particularly drawn to
problem-solving skills with an emphasis on data analytics. Introduction to
Management and DBMS Subjects through my Bachelors in Technology, helped in
developing a significant interest in Information Systems Management.


During the
eight semesters, I have come a long way in expanding my horizons. I was
successful in this endeavor by scoring 3.8 GPA in the final Semester.


My love for
social cause manifested into developing a GPS Based Android app, “Campus
connect app” to help cater freshman students in an emergency situation from
being ragged and also to meet medical exigencies where the students are not in
a condition to reach the sickbay.


By now, my
unrelenting interest for data helped me top the University and thus securing
perfect 4 GPA in the following Data Centric courses relevant to Information
Systems and Management:

Database Management

Data Warehouse
and Mining

Principles of
Economics and Management

Management System

Seminar Report
– HTML 5


Simulation and Modelling


completing my undergraduate program successfully with 3.28 CGPA and bagging the
prestigious  “Best Student of the
Department(INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY)” award enabled me to make strides toward
more self-confidence and create a renewed sense of purpose towards innovations for
our society.


As a result, I
was selected among 32 top ranking students for Oracle ERP Business Suite
conducted by Accenture. The 5-day training was conducted over a period of 50
hours and included several advanced topics giving an exposure to the Business


I have always
believed that a subject is understood better, when one actually sees an
abstract theory being realized by a practical system. I thus, became a member
of the prestigious CSI (Computer Society of India) in the freshman year. Active
participation enabled me to be elected as Vice-Chair Person in the Final year. This
forum involved conducting seminars and workshops on Computer and teaching
Programming to new graduates. I had the glorious opportunity to organize
Technical Paper Presentation, at the National Level Tech Fest.


academics, I love playing badminton and  participated in tournaments. I have a flare
for writing essays and poetry. Although a non-native,  I am well versed in English and achieved
perfect score of 30 in the Writing Section on my first attempt in TOEFL and 28
in the speaking section. My favorite books are  Rich Dad Poor Dad and the
Kite Runner.


I understood the
value of dynamic personality by being among passionate speakers, that led me to
participate as Youth Leader in Toastmasters International Club in school. Added
to this, my interpersonal skills helped me become Vice Head Girl (School) and Student
Council Head for Information Technology Department(Undergraduate).

I believe that education
is the most important asset , however it is the Indian girl child who has been
deprived of this gift. Being a woman myself, only because of my consistent
inclination to education has helped me become independent as I work away from
family to earn a living. As Womens’ Representative of Indian Society of
India(ISTE) , a national,professional, non-profit Society, we catered to
educate the poor kids of daily wage labourers’ from the remote village of
Shirpur ,adjacent to our University campus. It is my dream to initiate a
similar activity at CMU’s renowned Society of Women Engineers which I am
positive will bring value to it, if given an opportunity.


Just as we
were a mentor to the kids, I had the privilege to intern under the guidance of
Senior Scientist,Shripad Salsingikar for three months in the Decision Sciences
and Algorithm Lab for TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES. I have learnt about
researching methodologies and successfully contributed in research prototype
for real time traffic management for large railway network.


Continuing the
passion for Business analytics, three months Internship with Larsen &
Toubro Infotech, cleared my concepts of Software Development Lifecycle
processes, having prepared Software Requirement Specification Documentations.


Currently, I
am getting oriented with Analytical Tools, Python and R programming language at
work. I believe my engineering background coupled with 2.5 years of relevant
experience dealing in financial data has definitely given me the edge to pursue
ISM.I am keen to learn about the modules covered under Information Systems
Management. I am also looking forward to work under the guidance of Professor
Janusz Szczypula and Professor Ramayya Krishnan. The innovations at CMU has
impressed me and I am aspiring to explore the infinite opportunities to make a
worthy impact in the society.


 Thirty years from now, I want to be able to
look back at the accomplishments where I have  made a substantial
difference with my small innovations touching millions of lives. I see CMU as a
stepping stone towards achieving my vision.


  I am self-motivated, focused and give
complete dedication to my pursuits. Completing my School in Bahrain and being
able to pursue my undergraduate education in India has enabled me to live in
two different cultures. The vibrant campus of Carnegie Mellon University will
not only allow me to interact with students all over the globe, but will keep
me abreast with the latest technological innovations and enrich from the alumni
networks which play an important role in the tech-savvy world. I look forward
to join as a Masters candidate to make a positive difference to me and to the
world I live in.