Ten years. Odysseus was unfaithful to the

Ten years after the war of Troy, the selfish, hero, Odysseus, had yet to return to his kingdom in Ithaca.  A large crowd of suitors took  over Odysseus’s kingdom,  robbed his land and attempted to marry his wife, Penelope. She has always stayed loyal to Odysseus.  Odysseus’s son, Telemachus, wants them to leave, but does not have the courage or strength to fight them. Antinous, one of the suitors, planned to get rid of Telemachus, by eliminating the only opposition to their dominion over the palace.Odysseus, a man of older age, earned the glory and worshipping of his people because of his to his acts of strength, in defending Ithaca’s honor. Odysseus is the model of an ideal hero, and he is remembered for his unfaithfulness, selfishness, and for being a hero.First, an example of his unfaithfulness to his wife, is when on the island of Kirke, he was told to sleep with the evil witch, and he automatically did it without even thinking or asking questions.  Odysseus could have threatened to kill Kirke, or even reason with her, but instead he took his favorite way out by sleeping with her.  While on the island of Claypso,  Odysseus was unfaithful to his wife.  Odysseus willingly slept with women multiple times while in captivity for those seven years  on the island.  Penelope,  Odysseus’ wife, never cheated on him, not even once, while he was in Ithaca for 20 years.   Odysseus was unfaithful to the Gods is when he received the ride home, he did not sacrifice anything to Poseidon before his trip.   If he would have done this he could have saved the lives of the sailors, who were killed by Poseidon.Odysseus is a hero in every way. He is skilled in the sports, strong with a sword and spear, and a master of war strategy. Most of the challenges and adventures in his return voyage from Troy shows us of his great strength and all of his accomplishments in the Trojan war.  He is a hero because he is always willing to swing a sword and defend, as he fights off the monsters.Odysseus is selfish because he portrays himself as only a hero throughout The Odyssey. Odysseus goes through his life believing he is the best. He has no care or concern for anyone’s feelings but his own.  Odysseus believes no one can harm him, not even the gods.  Odysseus feels he is always in charge, the leader,  and no one can tell him differently.. Odysseus should not be considered a hero because he portrays himself as a selfish man that allowed his crew to fall  and is controlled by his arrogance.In conclusion , Odysseus is unfaithful, selfish, yet a true hero.  Odysseus was strong, yet arrogant.  He loved the adventures he was in, but showed no regards to others.  He thought only of himself.   I enjoyed watching The Odyssey and think it’s a great story.