TASK platforms.The social media networking is tied in

                                       TASK 2

A.   Promotion
of the e-commerce site can be done with promotions or discount;since that
strategy has always been a big part of marketing business,the company could cut
down subscription cost for getting the digital version of the magazine on the
e-commerce site with an advertisement of 
the discount and site placed in the print magazine.This will look very
appealing and interest most existing subscribers  switch over to the e-commerce site or even
want to try it out temporarily to decide if it something they can get used to.                                                                                                                     

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B.   Best
medium the the site can be promoted in other regions will be through web
advertisement which should be composed with traditional advertisement in
mind.The site should be SEARCH  ENGINE
OPTIMIZATED which is a must thus the better possibility the site should rank
high which implies more traffic leading to more subscribers.The site should
also seek to have a social media presence in the various platforms since most
health and safety professionls target this platforms for rising awareness in
their field of profession,social media sites will help establish the online
presence of the new site and reach out to potential health and safety
professional subcribers.

C.   Social
media marketing is the best way the new site can be promoted on the various
platforms.The social media networking is tied in with significant associations
with your propects.Most users on social media 
want to know how actively engaged external services are on the platform,so
the new service will have to closely follow customers or potential customers as
to know what they do and so the site could post valuable contents related to
what users can relate to and what the site stands for.The service could
integrate social media  on its website so
visitors or subcribers can share contents from the site to their various  platforms,which could result in more traffic
to the site and new subcribers.

will be the ideal domain name for this new service because it seems to
incorporate all what the magazine stands for and it is very memorable and easy
to recall or pass on.The domain name above is a day to day sentence used which
most people relate to and try to apply it in their daily lives,the magazine is
known to have strong informative content which hopes to better the lives of
people and if applied so the domain name seeks to attract more potential
subcribers.The domain name will add more value to the site if it premium
owned,since premium domain names gives instant trust ,recognition and
authority.Most potential subscribers will feel ok doing business with the
e-commerce site if it got a great premium domain name which reflects exactly
what the publication offers.The domain name above wouldn’t have new subscribers
guessing as to what is going to be found on the site as it makes the value
proposition clear.This will save the publication time and even moneytrying to
fiddle the subcribers observation around their advertising.

E.    Development
of  an advertisement kit;the publication
company can accumulate measurements on what numbers of individuals visit their
new e-commerce site or read their their publication.These measurements help
persuade potential sponsors why the site settles on a decent decision for their
promotions.The site could incorporate these insight into a media unit that uses
the publication marking and giving a rundown of 
the rates the site charge for promoting in the publication.The bundle
ought to contain the particulars required to make and present the advertisement
including measurements,number of pixels required and the kind of print or
digital documents the site acknowledges.

Posting of advertisements;the site
could tell the public they acknowledge publicizing by posting a promotion in
the suitable place.On the the off chance that the site need internet
publicizing,they can add an adevertise spot to the site that welcomes request
about promoting.They should also give a connection to the site email address to
urge potential sponsors or advertisers to get in touch about rates  and prerequisites.Sine the site needs
advertisers,they should incorporate a meassage about the accessible publicizing
space and their full contact data to support inquiries.Wagner N.