Taking way, the nose hole should not

Taking care of your baby is the
important thing for parents and taking care of a newly born is quite
a responsibility. However, parenting doesn’t come with a user
manual. Hence, to know how to take proper care of your infant is very
important in order to give them a healthy life while they grow up.

Let’s have a look at the basic yet
most important things while taking care of your baby-

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1. Way of handling newborn baby-

Newborn babies are very delicate and
soft. Therefore, one should take very careful and correct way to
handle them. It is important to take care of cleanliness. For this,
wash the hands well with anti-septic sanitizer liquid before lifting
the newborn into the lap so that the child is not at risk of any
infection. The immunization system of a newborn is weak compared to a
large one. Children’s bones are also very fragile, so keep the
child’s head and neck properly and support while raising the baby.
Neonates can’t handle many of their body activities themselves, in
such a way they need support. As long as the child is in the lap,
maintain complete focus on the movement and change their position
2. Protect the newborn from any kind
of shock-
Never shake the newborn aggressively.
It has been found in a study that doing so increases the risk of SIDS
(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) on children. It starts bleeding in the
head of the child and can also cause death. At the same time, if you
want to wake your child from sleep, then the better way is to cut a
little twitch on their leg.
3. Correct way of Lactation
We all know that only mother’s milk is
the best diet for the newborn. Immediately after delivery, the
mother’s milk is yellowish and thick and it enhances the child’s
immunity. At the same time the child and the mother must be in the
correct position for breastfeeding. Mother should lift the baby in
both arms and bring the baby’s whole body towards her. After this,
she can breastfeed her child. Take care of one important thing while
breastfeeding, Do not put the child on your chest too assertively.
Doing so may suffocate him. The child breathes from the nose while
breast-feeding and leaves it because his mouth remains closed. In
such a way, the nose hole should not be closed or else it would be
difficult to breathe.
4. Correct Bottle-feeding method-
If you can’t breastfeed the baby,
feed him with a baby food or powder milk bottle. You also need to
take several precautions in this. The infant needs to be given the
powder milk in the correct amount. Read the instructions written on
the milk box and accordingly give milk to the baby. Also, wash the
feeding bottle with boiled water before feeding the baby.
Unsterilized bottle of milk or the wrong amount of milk powder can be
harmful for the child.

Feed the baby every three hours or
whenever the baby feels hungry. Don’t ever keep the milk bottle
with left over milk into the refrigerator. Prepare fresh milk every
time you are feeding the baby instead of giving him the leftover milk
in the bottle. Keep the bottle with milk always in the 45 degree
angle while feeding the baby. Make sure the child is not sucking the
air, If the bottle is empty.

5. Things to keep in mind while
feeding the baby-
If the mother of the newborn does not
have milk, then she can feed baby food to the baby. But in any case
don’t put any concrete meal by mistake in the child’s mouth. Do not
even give water until the baby is 6 months old. By giving solid food
or water before 6 months, the child’s health can worsen, which can
also endanger his life. Apart from this, if the mother is
breastfeeding, she should also take care of her diet too. Whatever
the mother eats, the newborn gets it through breast-feeding. It has
been revealed in a research that if a mother eats bitter-gourd in the
meal, then her baby may get bitter taste when breast-feeding. If you
are breastfeeding do not eat anything inverted. Eat more pulses and
eat nutritious food.
6. Keep these things in mind while
making the baby sleep-

It is important to keep the newborn
wrapped in warm clothes. This makes the child feel safe and it is
also important because the newborn children seem to feel cold. Keep
the infant from 0-2 months in the cloth, but keep in mind that you do
not make them wear too much clothes. This might make him feel hotter
than required, that can reach his mind and put his life in jeopardy.
The newborn relaxes only by sleeping for 16 to 20 hours. It is very
important for the child to get the right sleep for him to grow well.
Besides, try to make the child sleep without pillows but if you are
keeping pillow under his head then it should be very light and soft.
Also, the head of a child should not stay in the same place on
pillow. Apart from this, some children wake up at night and sleep all
day. In such a situation, to make the baby sleep at night, keep the
baby room completely dark.
7. Situations to consult the doctor
immediately –
If your baby is breastfeeding for a
long time, then they can wet diapers 6 to 8 times throughout the day,
and this can cause some disturbance in their stomach too. But it is
important to know what time you need to contact the doctor. If the
child wets the dipper more than four times, take him to the doctor
immediately. Apart from this, it is found that they get in the grip
of diseases like neonatal and pneumonia easily. Also, if you see the
child crying more than a limit, then consult your doctor immediately.