Taichung of CARMA (Carbon Monitoring for Action). In

Taichung Power Plant


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 Taichung Coal Power Plant is located in
Taichung port city of Taiwan. Taichung Power Plant used coal as a fossil fuel
to make electrical energy and is operated by Taipower a power company of

It has a
design capacity of 5230 MWe and for this it requires 12 million tons of
bituminous and 2.5 million tons of sub-bituminous coal a year. Is nearly
5500-megawatt coal plant in Taiwan which makes it one of the biggest coal plant
and CO2 emitter in the world.



Its first coal
based unit was commissioned in March 1991 and till June 2006 it added 9 more
units and now Taichung Power Station has 10 units with nearly 550 MW of each.

Coal is
imported on the site from the Taichung port from the countries like Australia,
U.S.A, South Africa and Indonesia. (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Taichung_power_station).

Then coal can
be directly send to any of the unit or can be stacked in the coal yard.

The drum
type boiler is used for each unit and water is cooled naturally using sea water
as a source. Boiler is a closed vessel which is generally used to heat the
water and after heating water exits the boiler for its further application.

turbine for each unit has a capacity of nearly 550 MW which extracts the
thermal energy when the pressure by the steam is applied on rotatory output
shaft which later results in the mechanical work by the shaft. Rotary motion by
the turbine derives the electrical generator.

Generator is
a device which helps converting the motive power into electrical power which is
later used in external circuits.





used in Taichung Power Plant is A 2P-60Hz-1,120MVA Toshiba generator.




In last
electrostatic precipitators removes the 98% of particulates from the gases and
then connected grid with the power plant is responsible for transmission and
distribution of electricity.



Environmental Performance:

Power Plant is considered as one of the biggest emitter of CO2 in the world as per the report of CARMA (Carbon Monitoring for Action). In the year of 2004 this power
plant emitted 31,503,000 Tons of CO2 and
in the year of 2009, it got increased to 36,336,000 Tons of CO2.As per the report its future emission can reach up to 50,237,000
Tons of CO2. (http://carma.org/plant/detail/44204).

As per the
news of TAIPEI TIMES a red alert was given by the site of CARMA to 23 power
plants of Taiwan due to emission of Carbon Dioxide in which Taichung Power Plant
was one of them.   (http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/biz/archives/2008/09/04/2003422196).






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