T. in communication and presentation skills along with


Professor and Head                                                                                                       

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Department of
Automobile Engineering

VNR Vignana
Jyothi Institute of Engg & Technology

E-mail: [email protected]



            As the Professor and Head of the
Automobile Department at VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engg & Technology,
I am writing to you in praise of an exceptional student Mr.Yasoju Dilip
Chandra. I have been closely associated with him for the past four years. I have taught him courses of “Thermodynamics” “Applied
Thermodynamics” and “Automotive Engines Lab”.  

            He was in Automobile Engineering stream
having secured a good percentage in his 12th boards. He has
continued to maintain the high level of academic attainment, based on his performance.
If you examine his records, you will find that he has completed several courses
that are really beneficial to your program. He always thrives to bring the best
in him and complete the tasks with perfection and timely manner.

            He has the basic concepts ingrained
in him and can understand concepts at ease. He is proficient in communication
and presentation skills along with the sincerity and discipline towards his
work. He has the ability to work effectively and efficiently in a group and
also as an individual. He is an active member of SAE and ASME clubs working
under projects like SAE SUPRA 2016 and ASME HPVC 2015 respectively.

            His urge for graduate study is in my
opinion a consequence of all the good qualities she possesses. I feel that
graduate study in an institution of your repute should go a long way in giving
expression to his true potential.