Summary it is economically beneficial to recover


governments and NGOs across the world are recognizing the diamond industry’s efforts to lessen
its environmental impact that it does to the area. In more cases than none,
they are joining forces with the diamond
mining industry to progress current and sustainable safeguards for their mining operations. The Diamond mining industry faces environmental challenges
it must be recognized that mineral extraction by its very nature of mining does
have the potential to impact the environment unless carefully managed by the
people operating in that sector. The key challenge is Land Disturbance; Diamond
mining uses a variety of approaches, of which some involve the removal of
massive quantities of soil from the ground/soil. However it must be recalled
that it is economically beneficial to recover the greatest amount of diamonds
while moving the least amount of other material.

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In addition to land
disturbances there are a number of other associated challenges:

• Use of water

Water: protecting water
quality and minimizing intake Diamond mining uses lots water, rather than
chemicals, for extraction, water is a resource that is scarce in many parts of
South Africa, where diamond mining companies often run their business. This
makes it even more significant that the diamond mining process does not pollute
natural water sources and that it uses as little as possible.





The purpose of the article is
to warn us about the people that work in the diamond mining industries and they
do to restrict them from overusing or polluting the other resources that are
scarce in the world we live in today



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ore diamond.



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