Sukhmeen in countries, it can split families up.

Sukhmeen GrewalMrs. Echols ERWC 18 December 2017The Count Of Monte Cristo In the book “The Count Of Monte Cristo”, by Alexandre Dumas is a book about gettingrevenge and vengeance. The main character, Edmond Dantes is on the quest for vengeance and itcan stand by justice. Vengeance is a punishment that is inflicted for a injury or doing the wrong thing. I think that Dantes believes that revenge is justified but because I feel like if you achievejustice it’s sometimes a hard thing to do. Dante’s thinks about getting vengeance but God mightbe responsible for the vengeance that actually happens. Everybody brings their actions towardsthemselves through their troubles and I think Dantes helps to bring those out in the book. Dantessays “Father, beware, our revenge will be terrible when we take it.” Dantes says this becauserevenge is simple and personal and in countries, it can split families up. Sometimes revenge isthe best method to people to get someone back for something they have done and it satisfies them to do it. Dantes also said “Revenge is a dish best served cold”, the Monte Cristo (Dantes) agrees with the wisdom that is in that saying. Dantes thinks revenge is nothing but revenge and it should exceed across generations. I think Edmond dantes takes his revenge sometimes too far. He took revenge on Fernandby causing his wife Mercedes and Albert to leave their home. He made albert and dangalars daughter meet up and they later on got engaged. They said in the book, “You know, mother,Monsieur de Monte Cristo is almost a man of the East and an Oriental; in order not to interferewith his freedom to take revenge, he never eats or drinks in his enemy’s house”, meaning that Dante’s is always focused on getting his revenge and his entire life is about getting revenge. I think it’s up to god to decide if dantes quest for vengeance is just because his whole life revolves around getting back at people and it makes him feel good about himself. Dantes also learns thatif a person takes revenge into their own hands they know that god is going to punish them. I feel like Dantes just wants to get revenge on everyone that hurt him and by him taking revenge its like he’s ruining himself. Vengeance is a cycle that goes on and if you always seek vengeance it’s calling forpayback to someone. Sometimes letting go of the issue can be justified but I think in “The Count Of Monte”, the whole book is about Dantes getting revenge on people who hurt him and he getsback at them for ruining his life by ruining theirs. Revenge is evil happiness and what comes around with revenge is karma and I think it’s better to forgive and not forget what they did. In the book there’s a quote that says “your vengeance may sometimes be slow in coming, but I thinkthat then it is all the more complete.” The meaning of this quote is that Dantes needs to stopgetting revenge because he doesn’t have to get revenge on anymore people because its allcomplete. In my personal opinion I think vengeance is just another way for you to get more bad karma because you’re not letting god handle what he has to do. If you take it in your own hands, it may be way worse for you because you’re never supposed to take stuff in your own hands. Therefore, I dont think his vengeance was justified because it’s not up to him on takingrevenge on people and he should always let god handle all the things. I feel like Dantesshould be the bigger person and let things go and move on forward from what people didto him in the past. Karma is real and it will come after you so you should just waitpatiently on what god has planned for them. That’s why I think his quest for vengeancewas not just.