Suborder as wide, dactyl slightly longer than palm,



Suborder : Pleocyemata Burkenroad, 1963

Infraorder :Caridea Dana, 1852

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Superfamily : Alpheoidea Rafinesque, 1815 

Family : Alpheidae Rafinesque, 1815 

Genus : Alpheus Fabricius, 1798 

splendidus Coutière, 1897 

name : Splendid snapping shrimp

: A. pomatoceros Banner and Banner, 1966. 

: Tropical Indo-West Pacific, Red Sea to
Madagascar, S Japan, Australia, Seychelles, Malaysia, Thailand,
Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, and Queensland,

Red Sea, eastern Africa.

: Marine;
Rocky or mixed sand-rock bottoms. Intertidal,
probably to about 5-10 m.

: Tl maximum 50 mm

site : Vizhinjam, Kovalam

examined : 20
specimens examined of length 20mm

: Body
not unusually compressed or setose; rostrum acute, prominent, slightly
overreaching lst antennular segment, rounded dorsally, extending posteriorly as
sharp carina to near midlength of carapace, base not abruptly delimited from
adrostral furrows; carapace without median tooth or tubercle on gastric region
or paired teeth overhanging posterior ends of adrostral furrows, anterior margin
unarmed mesial to orbital hoods, joining rostral margin

less than right angle, orbital hood armed with sharp tooth arising from dorsal
part of hood, not marginal, adrostral furrows moderately deep; 2nd  antennular segment about 1 1/4th  times as long as wide; basal antennal segment
(basicerite) armed with strong lateral tooth nearly reaching level of tip of stylocerite;
antennal scale with lateral margin slightly concave,






spine strong, overreaching distal margin of blade; anterior pereopods with
merus armed with acute distal tooth on inferior flexor margin; major chela
compressed, 2 3/4th  times as
long as wide, slightly twisted, but dactyl lying in longitudinal plane, not
double-ended, plunger well developed, palm with tooth on at least one side of
dactylar articulation, without longitudinal carina near margin proximal to
fixed finger, without distinct “saddle” proximal to adhesive plaque but
with longitudinal furrow on central third of that margin and shallow
longitudinal sulcus on distal part of lateral surface; minor chela 4 1/3rd
 times as long as wide, dactyl slightly
longer than palm, not “balaeniceps” in either sex, palm with acute tooth
on one side of dactylar articulation; 2nd pereopod with proximal carpal article
more than twice as long as 2nd ; 3rd pereopod with dactyl
simple, propodus with 10 spines on flexor margin, carpus with both extensor and
flexor margins projecting distally, merus and ischium unarmed; maximum carapace
length to base of rostrum 14 mm.


: A. splendidus comes under the Sulcatus group and is
considered as a morphologically variable species showing species complexity; often
identified as A. pomatoceros in morphology. No economic importance till
date.Can be considered for marine aquariums due to the interesting colour.

description : Coutière
H. 1897a. Notes sur quelques Alphéidés nouveaux ou peu connus rapportés de
Djibouti (Afrique Orientale). Bulletin du Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle, 3: