Student their opinion. Then he gave us

Student Id :-1000052723

Name :-Pranav Sekhri

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Subject :-database(IX605001)


After orientation, in the first week of graduate
diploma in information technology in Otago Polytechnic, I attended my first
lecture of databases 2, which was delivered by Qingfeng (Phonis) Ye on 16 January. He then, introduce
himself and told us about his experience in it field. Also, every student in
class introduce himself with their names, qualifications and previous
experience. After that, I felt nervous because 
everyone have 4-5 years experience in IT field and I was the only
fresher in class. Then our lecturer Dr. Qingfeng (Phonis) Ye explained
course content, objectives/aim about database 2 in the information technology.
On the same day, He gave us introduction about database with help
dress_color_picture which was in the form of an activity in which we must
select two color and present our knowledge of database.


By this I understand that we all have different perspective
toward color. And different way to interpret things.


Furthermore, On second day Phonis presents us ppt about
database so that we can understand the relationship between different table
which was present in database. I like the approach and effort he put in his
lecture so that everyone can understand. Then he also propose one more activity
and try to indulge every student to participate in activity by asking everyone
about their opinion. Then he gave us one more assignment to work on about the
relationship of database which we need to submitt by  23 January. I personal learned many things
like primary key which is unique in table foreign key which is primary of one
table and act as foreign key in anther table, attributes and how draw a
relationship between two or more table .

Moreover, On the first day of second week it was time to discuss
the assignment. In which some of the student submitted wrong relationship model
and phonis help them to digest it properly by conducting debate, which help me a
lot it clear my all doubt about database. After that we learn about design part
of database which he taught us with help of ppt and gave us time to digest as
well as to implement it, I learn database formation like first we have to make
new schema in mysql workbench and table for inserting data with primary key and
foreign key for making relationship. After completing that phonis gave us group
project in which we have to make our group of 
five student have to create our own database, I personally felt excited
that I will learn more thing about database.


On 25 January, Phonis taught us how we can make e-r diagram
with help of my slq work bench and how to drive relation between them. Which I felt
difficult in starting but after practicing it was easy for me. One of student
in class name as  Absal made a project on
dress_color_dress in which we have to submit our two selected  color 
by login into that software and taking the screen shot of every page

This gave me idea that it is so easy to take surveys like
this with the help of database. After this we made groups and start working on our

In nutshell, I learned so many things in my lecture and in
activities, like how to work as team member, properties of database  which will help me in my future growth by
enhancing my knowledge