Strategy: ownership and leadership. Earlier it had a

Strategy: The Key Strategy that has worked for Burger King is its Simplicity. It has outpaced Wendy’s and McDonalds because of the complex approach that they have adopted. For Instance, many industry experts believe that increased wait times of drive-thru in McDonald’s has led to unhappy customers and it is happening because of their complex menu. Also, constant promotion and one-on-one discounts adds to the taste buds of their happy customers. Structure: Burger King’s organizational structure has changed multiple times, much because of change in ownership and leadership. Earlier it had a centralized functional structure, yet at present, it has the following main characteristics: 1. Global centralization 2. Functional groups 3. Geographic divisions Speaking more about Geographic Divisions, Burger King operates under four global segments: • Asia Pacific • US & Canada • Europe, the Middle East & Africa • Lain America & the Caribbean. Systems: Burger King, has hybrid production line approach to food service which is much similar to that of McDonald’s. If a customer wishes to buy a burger, then maximum changes are there that the burger is already kept assembled in the storage unit. This reduces the wait time but, hampers freshness of the food too. Shared Values: Burger King as an employer treats its employees as a family and creates a culture that is Bold, Accountable, Meritocratic, Empowered and Fun. Style: Burger King tries hard to put only those employees on board who are work hard, are smart and posess humility. Daniel S. Schwartz, the CEO of Burger King said in an interview to (November 21, 2017 edition) “One question I ask is, ‘Are you smart or do you work hard?'”. He adds, “You want hard workers. You’d be surprised how many people tell me, ‘I don’t need to work hard, I’m smart.’ Really? Humility is important,” Staff: Various staff positions that are represented within the Burger King team are General and Assistant Manager and Shift Coordinators. These different staff posts interact directly with the customers who whoop into Burger King’s outlets to relieve their taste buds. Skills: Besides exceptional guest service, the strongest skills that are represented by Burger King Staff are ability to act as a good and productive team-mate and ability to effectively handle the disputes within the team and issues faced by the customer.