Steven concept of visions of vocation by explaining

Steven Garber explains that the hardest thing that we as Christians are called to do in life is to know and still love. The more we truly get to know the world for what it is the harder it becomes to love the world as God demands.  He then addresses the questions Knowing what you know about the world what shall you do?  How will we respond to the wickedness of the world?  Tim Keller focuses on discerning one’s calling by teaching the fact that all work is God’s work no matter the field as long as we are doing these to the best of our abilities.  Timothy Keller then explains how to connect our God-given abilities by looking at three areas: affinity, ability, and opportunity.  All of which must be taken into consideration before jumping in over our heads.


In visions of vocation, Steven Garber introduces the concept of visions of vocation by explaining that we are responsible for the way the world currently is and the way the world out to be.  Steven touches on a sensitive topic through asking if we, Christians, and truly know the world for what it is and still love it? There are times when there is nothing else we can do but cry out against the wrongs of the world. Cry because it isn’t the way it ought to be.  These tears matter and sometimes can be very complex. 

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Societies that know the world for what it is, to be good societies, requires that people who see into the mess and horror of the world and the complexities of human history and still enter in for the goodness of changing the world, for justice’s sake. Facing the question of how will you respond knowing the world the way it truly is requires the fusion of mind and heart as a mind without a heart is nothing.  Knowledge then makes us morally responsible but not morally right and how we respond to this knowledge is the key to the latter.


Timothy Keller talks about discerning your calling with three main points: all forms of work are a participation in God’s work, all forms of work are ways of serving others, and all forms of work are based on God’s gifting.  Simply, any work that you are called to do is exalted by God whether it be a banker or a farmer.  We are not only ministering to others through evangelism but through simply doing our job well whatever it may be as our abilities are gifts from God who ordained us to do these jobs.


What we must ask ourselves is what has God called and equipped me for? How will this serve God and his creation? What gifts has God given us to serve the church? Tim Keller tells us to look at three areas including affinity, ability, and opportunity.  Affinity tells us to look outside self and look at the needs of the community and not our own desires.  Ability refers to taking a realistic look at one’s ability and limitations to help make a decision with what is possible.  Opportunity is referring to looking at the options presented and asking for our brothers and sisters in Christ to show us our abilities and limitations in which we may not see ourselves to better serve.


These three questions seem a helpful way of directing our thoughts on our vocations Keller reminds us that these decisions should be taken with a view towards serving others and making the best use of the wisdom given to us by those that surround us.