Statistical performance is parallel to effectiveness of prevention

Statistical data from European Union Member
States shown that medical errors and health care related adverse events was 8%
to 12% of hospitalization. (World Health Organization, 2009).  This is also reported by Rothchild et al.
(2005) that showed 10% of patients experience medication errors in hospital
care. “Medication error has been identified as main adverse event in Malaysia where
2572 cases of medication errors occur in 2009”. (Maziah, Wichaikhum,
Nantsupawat, 2012).  In 2013, Statistic
for pressure ulcer in Kuantan, Pahang was 8.4 cases per 1000 ICU days.
According to Nuru et al (2015), there were significant difference between
educational status, work experience and having normal training with knowledge
on prevention of pressure ulcer. Furthermore, satisfaction with nursing
leadership, staff shortage, inadequate facilities and equipment were found
significantly difference with practice on prevention of pressure ulcer. However
in this study, the researcher did not find the association between the level of
knowledge and practice of nurses in health care setting. With this gap, a study
about association between level of knowledge and practice of nurse on
prevention of adverse event such as fall, pressure ulcer, and medication error
need to be explored. It is important to know because continues education
training can be conducted due to poor practice of nurses on prevention of this adverse
event. A research study conducted by Liu (2012) stated about effects of
an educational intervention towards level of knowledge of registered nurses and
lack of knowledge about prevention of fall in elderly. This integration of
knowledge and training performance is parallel to effectiveness of prevention
of fall.  According to Abou El Enein (2012), there are significant result shows a positive impact for those
who participating educational training on prevention of fall. The data on
nurses who had previous training programme almost none of them attending accept
one of the 40 nurses included in this study. The nurses involve in research
study had undergoes assessment on pre and post training