Statement an NGO, during my 1st year in

Statement of Purpose”We make living by what we get but we make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill. I believe that my career is getting transformed through this quote. Politics has played the significantly important part of the outlook of my life. Being from a political family, I believe it is a hard pursuit needs different areas of skills and experiences. I enjoy becoming involved in debates and soon I began to gain interest in conventions of India.  I campaigned for BJP last year. With this, it has become more absorbing to get involved in real life politics. I began to enjoy it and an aspiration to get involved in higher level politics has formed. I am pursuing my undergraduate degree in BA LLB (Hons) at the National Law University, AP. During my high school, I have been the topper in Mathematics. In 2012, I got an all India rank of 66 in NIFT but my interest in the study of public policy made me opt law.I co-founded an NGO, during my 1st year in Undergraduate Program at Visakhapatnam and I am heading the organisation since 2015 in the position of President. we structured a project to help the rural Andhra Pradesh to know their basic rights and help them in providing free Legal Aid. We have assigned 5 volunteers to each team and they are scheduled to go to the respective village assigned to them and bring a change among the people. As of now, we are almost closely working with 7 villages around Sabbavaram. We have provided free legal aid to 27 individuals and we even get to change major ill activities going on in the villages. Over the course of my undergraduate program, I offer the summary of my achievements. I am one of the 100 outstanding young talents and leaders of Tomorrow, for the 47th st. Gallen Symposium, Switzerland, 2017. I got Selected for Jagriti Yatra 2017 with 70% of Scholarship. Besides I am Teach for India fellow, 2018. I did 7 internships throughout my undergraduate program which includes Conventus Law firm ( biggest online legal platform in ASIA providing legal analysis to lawyers and firms ).During my 4th Year, I received an internship opportunity at JMN PVT LTD. At the end, I was offered to join the company as Business strategy Trainee. while working on the company as a part-time, I learned various aspects of distribution over the network, working on marketing aspects. I get to intern for Mr Hari Babu, Member of Parliament. My main tasks involve in preparing drafts for parliament addressing, Public conferences and speeches. Research work to address the issue of poor teaching at Government Schools. I even involved in keeping the records of the meetings with the Media.My interest to advocate and develop policy decisions that will help Society as a whole and not just a few influential groups. Additionally, my interest in politics will help me in chasing my career in Public Policy. In order to be an effective person, I need to understand the ethical dimensions of policy decisions as well as the direction in sharpening my quantitative and analytical skills. I believe that being part of International innovative Corps I will have a true opportunity to experience and understand competing interests surrounding various challenging issues like Health issues, Water issues, Malnutrition etc… With this, I can balance the gap between reality and abstract principles.