STATEMENT the front-end and back-end in large scale



Over the past few years, I have delved deeper into the world of computer
science, and realized that it is where I feel at home. Computer Science
fascinates me, inspires me to keep learning, continues to challenge me, and
never ceases to make me wonder about the infinite possibilities that the future
holds. My generation is lucky enough to be in the midst of a computing
revolution, with Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing seeping into a
wide variety of fields. Having worked in this field for the past two years has
helped me build this perspective and has motivated me to further my knowledge
in this field.

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My internship at Pantech Solutions gave me first-hand experience with
industrial development. I understood the roles of the front-end and back-end in
large scale applications. Moreover, I was exposed to the world of web
development, using frameworks such as JSP, Struts and Spring. During my final
year, I started interacting with and developing in the cloud more frequently. The
virtualization of servers and databases was a fascinating concept, and I later
undertook a project to develop a fault tolerance system for cloud deployed
applications. This was my first experience with end-to-end application
development and I not only developed efficient troubleshooting skills but also
gained confidence in my ability to build my own applications. Moreover, I had
identified an area where I wanted to do further work.


studies were always a priority to me but it was my belief that before that I
must gather some valuable work experience in order to gain a larger perspective
of the industry. In keeping this idea I joined in Tata Consultancy Services-Indian
MNC listed as one of the most innovative companies in the world on Forbes 2017.

Currently I work as a full stack developer for CitiBank client. This new
arena helped me build microservices using technologies like AngularJS, Spring
Boot, and PCF cloud environment.. This experience, in which I worked with
various teams across countries and time zones has strengthened my communication
and collaboration skills.  As an appreciation for my work ethic and
passion for the job I was given an opportunity to lead a project with a team of
developers. As much as I relished the challenge and responsibility that came
with directing a large-scale project, I also enjoyed learning on the job. I
realized that leading others and making my voice heard drove me to deliver my
best work, and to place myself in a position to do so frequently and meaningfully,
I want to pursue a master’s degree.


Today most organizations have a need to transform their business to
digital platform to avoid disruption of services. Traditional systems are being
updated with a range of cloud services, modules and native technologies to save
time and money and to compete in a fast-paced race. I believe in near future
cloud computing will bring the world even closer and add a new facet to
computing. To further my knowledge in this field I did  internal
certification in Amazon Web Services-Developer and Cloud Computing-Developer.
Seattle being the cloud capital of the world I would like to gain some
knowledge and experience while pursuing a masters at UWB. Your expertise in
driving innovative changes into the industry and paving the way for advanced
career opportunities in software development has drawn me towards the
program—- and I feel that is the perfect place for me to pursue my masters
amidst the grey skies and evergreen trees of the pacific northwest.


My present job at Tata Consultancy Services helped me develop a thorough
insight into project handling and immense interest in programming language,
that I am currently
in cannot quench my desire for research. I possess industry-hardened skills in
computers, but I must build on these to achieve my goal of undertaking
cutting-edge research in cloud computing. I was greatly impressed by the research
work that is undertaken by Mr. Munehiro Fukuda which focuses on temperature
sensor networks of the orchard temperatures by integrating the wireless sensor
networks into grid and cloud computing systems.
It would be honoured to work under him if given an opportunity. I was also fascinated to learn about the various fields of
research that the faculty in your University indulge in, which further piqued
my interests.