STATEMENT RAGAVENDER REDDY, an undergraduate student of

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE As the Threshold of what I imagine to be an opportunity to test and transcend the realms of the scientific discovery. I, RAGAVENDER REDDY, an undergraduate student of Mechanical Engineering from Sree Visvesvarayya Institute of Technology and Science (SVITS). Stand to make the following observations regarding my educational back ground and my future intentions.  The curriculum at SVITS call for a deep understating of the basic concepts which are particularly assessed by means of thought provoking assignments. During my under graduate studies I have successfully gained command over course like Engg Mechanics, Engineering Drawing, CAD/CAM, Mechanics of Fluids, Thermo dynamics, Heat Transfer, Automobile Engineering, Thermal Engineering.  Operations Research, Production Technology etc. Which I believe give me a perfect foundation to pursue my masters in Structural Engineering.  I have strong ambition to obtain excellence in the field of Mechanical. The success I had so far was only due to my determination; hard work, perseverance and dedication which I feel are responsible for the excellence of any person in any field. Yet lack of indepth knowledge of the subject leaves the conceptual skills incomplete. It is in this context that I would like to pursue a course that not only extends my intellectual horizons but also provided a strong foundation to my research oriented study.  I am fortunate to find my self in an undergraduate college where my professors always encouraged my talent and this encouragement and inspiration further strengthened my thoughts of gaining a masters degree in Mechanical. In addition to the theoretical knowledge I am having, I had strengthened my practical skills by being a part of the project team in PRAGA TOOLS LTD. (PTL) which was undertaken by the Central Government of India. This was an academic project which was on Manufacturing of Ger Box for Thread Rolling Machine Using Computer Numerical Control (CNC). The project aims that manufacturing of gear box using computer numerical programming on CNC machine.  My earnest desire to continue my further study at your graduate school stems from the fact that it is one of the best universities in UK having a long time record of academic excellence and is backed by expert faculty and very good research facilities. The other reason why I wanted to study at your university is that it provides the kind of exposure needed to broaden my thinking and undo any prejudices towards Religion, Nationality, Culture and Race. I am sure that my exposure to these kinds of diverse influences would aid in over all development of my personality. I am keen to acquire all the above mentioned qualities which should be the basic attributes for men of the 21st century. I am aware that graduate education is an arduous path & hence I would like to assure you that I have the necessary commitment, intelligence, Stamina and preparedness for the successful completion of my MSC program. I am much confident that my research efforts will recognized as meaningful contributions by the generations ahead.  I am eagerly looking forward to be part of your team of research and fulfill my goal. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express myself.