Statement required for the field permeate into my

                        Statement of Purpose

 Since I started programming,
I have seen the logic and critical thinking required for the field permeate
into my daily life. It has impacted the way I approach and solve problems, and
I frequently find myself seeking to outline a logic flow in order to make
decision about traffic or which restaurant to eat at. These inquiries drove me
to spend my days pondering upon the enigma that is Computer Science. Since I started
programming I have become fascinated by the continuous development of new
programming languages and the logic behind translating that to an efficient
machine programming, pushes me to know how it really works. And hence, during my Masters at Rutgers
University, I wish to learn and tackle problems in the field of Computer

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To lay the foundation for this, I started by pursuing my
under graduation at St Joseph’s college of engineering, Chennai. My quest in
computer science began with Data structures and embedded programming. After a Kickstarter
workshop in machine learning, I programmed and built a line-follower to serve
food at a restaurant. This accomplishment though small, opened up new
dimensions in my mind.

 During my third semester,
in my Data Structure course I was introduced to concepts of data structure. I
was enthralled by the prospect of organizing and storing data. I delved into a
new project in data structures, which turned out to be my final thesis: “Decentralized on Demand Broadcasting Routing in Multi-Hop
Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks”, which interweaved networking and Data
Structures. Our project was based on the IEEE paper “BRACER”. The problem we
tried to address was to increase the broadcast ratio and achieve a short
broadcast delay without any collision in a cognitive radio Ad hoc network. In a
Cognitive radio ad hoc network, the different unlicensed users acquire
different available channel sets. That non-uniform spectrum availability
imposed special design challenges for broadcasting in CR ad hoc networks. So,
we worked towards intelligently downsizing the original available channel set
and designing the broadcasting sequences with scheduling algorithms, through which
we achieved a very high successful broadcast ratio and a very short broadcast
delay in the Cognitive radio ad hoc network.

Meanwhile, during my sixth semester, with a desire to gain
hands-on industrial experience, I interned at Bay Talkitec as a Software
Development Engineer. I involved in the development of mobion, a cloud powered mobile application which
provided bundled Mobile VoIP communications and mobile device management
services. Since it was a research project, I
understood the significance of self-learning and out-of-the-box thinking. The
self-learning and independent research I had developed over the course of my
previous projects enabled me to address this situation with more confidence and
structure. I also learnt that, in research, it is not just the final result
that matters, but all the failures that consequently lead to a solution.

Besides programming, I
also have a great interest in mathematics. During my undergraduate study, I was
consistent in scoring higher grades in all the math courses. In addition, I
have been a member of the mathematics club, where I organized ample of events.
I hope to put my mathematical background to good use in my master program.

The exposures to far-reaching problems and their solutions
through computer code have made me realize the staggering potential for
research in computer science. My projects and research have hauled me into the
field of Data Science. I truly believe that Data science is the future, and I
want to be in the midst of action as this transition happens.

I feel that
work done at your university is revolutionary. I was
drawn to University at Buffalo because of its state-of-the-art facility guided by exceptional professors. Master’s in Data
Science at University at Buffalo provides the coursework that resonates with my
interests. With the practical and theoretical knowledge from your university, I
am positive that I will be able to enrich my overall personality in research,
mainly in Data Science.