Statement to design and innovate. This propelled me


of Purpose


I heard Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream”
speech for the first time in school, in a renowned city in India. It kindled a
new connotation of ‘dream’ for me. It made me realize that dreams propel humans
to their destinies. It is this ideology that urged me to think higher right
from my young age. Apart from this, I had been passionate about mathematics since
my childhood. Even during my school days mathematics was my favorite subject
and I had always tried to solve new problems and puzzles that I came across. As
a kid, I was amazed by the mathematics tricks that I learned. When I heard that
computers worked on Logic I was pretty much curious to know how they actually
used mathematics to have such machines work. Computer to me as a kid looked
like a machine but performed functions which had traits of human intelligence.
I have always had an inherent and overwhelming desire to design and innovate.
This propelled me to opt for a career in computer engineering. Learning more
about it, I realized that it represents perfection and opened up a new world of
passion in my mind for computer science. Immediately it was clear to me that I
wanted to pursue computer engineering as an undergraduate major.

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During my Bachelors of Computer
Engineering, I have engaged myself with many subjects like parallel processing,
mobile computing, computer networks & web application development. These have made my foundations even stronger and helped me
understand the subject in depth. I have also done lots of research on the
various activities related to the Computer applications to know what I wish to
study further and which area will be of a great interest for me. During my third year,
while I was attending a seminar, I came to know about distributed computing concepts
and was inclined at that moment as it is the source of data and resource
sharing. Digging more about concepts of computing, I came to know about various
topics such as distributed computing, grid computing and cluster computing.


from gaining theoretical knowledge of subjects, I worked in various projects
during my undergraduate study which includes management information system of
college on JAVA platform. I developed automatic Timetable Generator Algorithm,
Online Examination System and Online Attendance System which are the burning
issues in all colleges and institutions. I have also worked on development of
website of “Online Railway Reservation” using HTML, PHP and CSS technology.
Seminar presentations have been another form of knowledge gathering for me, I
have presented seminars on “High Performance Computing” and “Basic Security
Information”, where I could bring out my presentation and oratorical skills in
my reports and speeches.






I have not been an
academic worm. I have always been organizing various technical events and
competitions in the college. I have won several sports competitions in the
college and also been a part of social service activities at my college. I
firmly believe in serving the deprived and working for the welfare of humanity.

My career objective
is to make an important contribution to the field of Computer science by
utilizing my basic know how of the subject and my research experience during
the undergraduate college. I have toiled very hard during my graduation program
and that’s the reason I can confidently say now that I own the potential to do
a substantial research in this field. I am a hard working and dedicated student
and I can prove myself worthy of the opportunity if given to be a part of the
Masters Program at your esteemed university.

have chosen Carleton University as I feel the dynamic environment at the
University will help me to exploit my potential and gain diverse ideas and
innovations. Apart from the excellent course modules and the reputed faculties,
by seeing the work in System and Computer 
research group of Carleton under the supervision of very knowledgeable
professors like Dr.  R. Gregory Franks,
Dr. Thomas Kunz and Dr. Jerome Talim, I would like to pursue my master degree
at your university. I
have attitude that “Discovery consists in seeing what everybody has seen and
thinking what nobody has thought”. I believe that the Carleton University will
open new horizons of career and given a chance, I will attain meteoric heights
and contribute to the glory of Carleton University.