Statement be the perfect fit for me. My

         Statement of

I have
always been passionate about criminal law because criminal justice lawyers play
an important role in our criminal justice system. I recognized at a young age
that I was drawn to the legal justice system. Growing up with a mother, uncles,
and grandparents all with careers in the legal system I have had the luxury of
seeing many different areas of law. I attended UCLA and received my bachelor’s
degree in political science with the intention of attending law school. While
earning my bachelor’s I worked as a file clerk at BerkeHakimi, a law firm where
I was exposed to a wide variety of business and real estate law; And since
graduating I work as a legal secretary at United Services Automobile
Association (USAA), where I have learned about the legal procedures behind
insurance claims. Both these positions have shown me different fields of law,
however, my real interest is in criminal justice. I am applying to Loyola
Marymount because the law school in this university is quite prominent among
its counterparts in the field.

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I am
particularly attracted to the school’s part-time program because it will allow
me to work while earning my JD. I have been financially supporting myself since
high school, therefore the ability to work while earning my JD would be a major
benefit. I would be of value to Loyola Marymount’s law school because I am
passionate, driven, and eager to pursue a career in law. Another reason, I am
interested in attending Loyola Marymount Law School is because it offers
concentration courses in several areas of legal interest. Although, my
preferred concentration is criminal justice I would love the opportunity to
explore other law majors during my first year. I look forward to participating
in the semester of simulation where I will be able to get a hands-on experience
in the legal field. Loyola Marymount would be the perfect fit for me.  

My academic journey has been significantly influenced by my
family, culture, and the social experiences that I had with my classmates
growing up. Despite some setbacks, I continued, headstrong to pursue my
lifelong passion for law. My cultural upbringing has undeniably given me a different
perspective and made me more sensitive to experiences of underrepresented
groups. As a child, I felt plagued by my Pakistani culture. I grew up feeling
like an outcast, simply because I did not know what was considered normal in
America. This experience taught me not to judge people. Because of my
complexion, hardly anyone knew I was Pakistani. Most of my peers thought I was
weird because I was quiet and shy. As I got older my situation did not become
any easier. “Sand Nigger!”, “Is Bin Laden your dad?”, and
“Do you celebrate 9/11?” are some of the racist comments I heard
throughout junior high and high school. This experience opened
my eyes to racial dynamics in the United States. I saw for the first time how these
dynamics drove people’s actions, even if some were not aware of the reasons. My peers said those things because
of fear and ignorance. The bullying I experience ignited my
passion for equality and social justice. Due to these experiences I want to
make sure that I am as cultured, respectful, and knowledgeable as I can be
towards everyone regardless of race and ethnicity. I decided to grow from my
racial struggle and hopefully my knowledge of other cultures, religions, and
social classes will make me more understanding towards those who are
underrepresented.  I credit my academic success
and accomplishments to my determination to follow my passion and interests. Law
is one of the few career paths that will fulfill my desire to help and
positively impact those around me. I believe a lawyer is a devoted citizen who
cares about the public good and I am willing to sacrifice my own well-being for
it. As an attorney, I hope to help my clients receive justice and make a
positive impact on the criminal justice system. Each case is unique and I would
love the opportunity to develop strong cases and work to my full potential.

My work
ethic and exposure to the legal system will add value to Loyola Marymount’s Law
School. While attending UCLA I was working 35-40 hours a week as a file clerk
at BerkeHakimi and as a barista at Coffee Bean. Not only was I capable of
taking full times classes but I was still capable of making time for my family
and friends. During my time at UCLA, I enhanced my time management skills and
ability to prioritize. UCLA taught me that I work well under pressure and enjoy
challenges. I realize Loyola’s law school has a demanding and tight schedule
that I believe I am well prepared for. I was able to complete my bachelor’s in
political science from UCLA in just three years. Not only has my education
prepared me for Loyola but, working in the legal system for the last two years
has enabled me to build a solid groundwork for law and proved to me that I
could excel as an attorney. Having worked for a smaller private law firm and a
bigger corporation has shown me two very different perspectives of the legal
system. BerkeHakimi allowed me to be more involved in a variety of aspects, I
was able to learn different things more often. At USAA I tend to do the same
tasks, however, the work is more demanding and fast-paced. Although it is hard
to balance the workload at times I enjoy working in a fast-pace environment and
meeting goals and deadlines. I have also had the opportunity to deal with the
different personalities of many of our clients. Recognizing each client’s
distinct situation and being able to provide him or her with a personalized
solution challenges me and makes me deeply satisfied. During my time working in
the legal system, I have realized how important listening to each person’s
perspective is and paying attention to details. My time at university and in
the legal system has shown me that I am driven, passionate, and capable of
working hard to achieve my goals. My passion and experience has prepared me to
tackle Loyola Marymount’s rigorous law


cultural upbringing has molded me into the passionate, hard-working, and
ambitious individual I am today. The obstacles that I have faced throughout my
academic journey have shown me that with determination and strength anything
can be achieved. I believe that I would be of value to Loyola Marymount’s Law
School for many reasons. I am passionate about law and want to give back to the
community. For me, pursuing a career in law is not a challenge but an
opportunity. I am dedicated to helping make a difference and help my clients
receive justice. My experience working as a file clerk and legal secretary has
taught me that I am capable of meeting deadlines, talking to clients, and
working hard. Lastly, during my undergrad, my ability to have a balanced life
while working 40 hour weeks and going to school full time has prepared me to
work hard in law school.