Statement attend various certificate programs, seminars and even

Statement of Purpose

The role of computer science in changing the world radically is too large to be dismissed by anyone. Just more than making computation easier, the opportunities and possibilities it has brought to make the lives of people better and comfortable at various dimensions are, without any doubt, exemplary and multi-faceted. The advances that followed the revolution of computers in such fields as healthcare, business, agricultural, education, communication and even in space exploration are here to stay and evolve further. There is no doubt that computer science will continue to make the world a better place and being a part of the change it makes will be a great moment of dream come true for me. With the aspiration to become a part of the dynamic field that is Computer Science, I seek admission to MS in Computer Science for your venerated university.

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Even from my childhood, I have been a responsible person and my father taught me that being responsible for oneself is one of the most important values to become successful in life. As I consider my father my role model, I took his advice to my heart and it never let me down ever. It helped me fare excellently well in all my academic endeavours. This is very much palpable all through my scores I was able to secure in my secondary, higher secondary and in my under graduate courses.

As I always wanted to learn more about computer science and equip myself with new skills, during my under graduation, I was very keen to attend various certificate programs, seminars and even workshops in all related fields. In my endeavours, I received the certification from IIT BombayX in “Introduction to Computer Programming”. I also attended workshop on “in Web application development life cycle”.

I have also presented a demo of a technology called “Continuum” at one of the college science expos and received rave reviews.

Apart from being an excellent student at academics, I have never flinched away from indulging in extracurricular activities as well. As I was more into sports, I represented the college in the inter-college volleyball championship. I was also able to represent the state team in various under-15 cricket tournaments and championships. All such experiences of mine helped me understand the importance of playing as part of a team and perform under tremendous pressure. It also, as I was interacting with different people, helped me improve my inter-personal skills as well.

My fascination for computer started when my father gave me a computer when I was in my 8th standard. My fascination how it worked first quickly turned into a quest of learning more about it, as I began talking to my computer teacher to understand more about computers. She suggested me to read technology websites like “Scientific American” and “Mashable” to learn about the latest changes that happen in the field. The more I read about the same, the more intrigued I became and realized how much computer science and derivative technologies have been able to change the world for the better. As I became extremely moved by the field, I spoke to my father about my liking during my higher secondary course and he suggested me that I take Computer Science and Engineering for my under graduation. During the graduation, I was further introduced to the serious world of computer science and programming languages. Now, my endeavors to do my MS in Computer Science from ABC university is the continuation of my efforts to equip myself with all the necessary skills and erudition to become an exceptional computer science professional.

I am sure that MS in Computer Science would provide me with all the necessary discernment and erudition required to build the career as a proficient computer science professional. I understand that the course would help me learn to effectively employ and leverage an assortment of resources and related concepts to practical uses for the betterment of society. With carefully designed curriculum and the practical exposure the course aims to offer me, the master program, I am certain, would prepare me with all the requisite technical skills and expertise to help craft solutions to assuage a trove of real life adverse situations and problems.

My researches about the University of ABC have helped me understand that it not only offers pedagogic exposure to the students in the field but also excellent training in the empirical applications of the computer science. This is one of the most important virtues I was able ascertain while I was reading the reviews of the university that many agreed upon about the university. Browsing through the website of the university has also helped me understand that it possesses excellent research and infrastructure capabilities carefully molded to offer the best support for the students. With a range of experienced faculty and incredibly value-adding experiential learning methods, I am sure that the university will mentor me into an excellent computer professional in all senses of the profession.

There is no doubt that education system in ABC is considered one of the best in the world and it was the major reason I decided to pursue my MS in ABC. The more I read about the academic prospects of studying in ABC, the more certain I became that ABC can help me trail towards my career aspirations. I was also able to learn that the wholehearted support of the government by means of excellent policy stances and financial support is a crucial factor in making it one of the best countries for students from across the world. I must also concede here that the value a master program from ABC brings to my candidature and resume in the job market of India has also played a crucial role in cementing my decision.

I am aware of my financial responsibilities as a foreign national studying in ABC and hence I have already sought, as a deserving candidate with excellent academic score, for the scholarship from the university. In order to support me with the rest of the expenses including tuition fee, stay, food and travel, I have applied for a bank loan. I am sure that the education loan is more than sufficient to help me defray all the bills and meet the expenses on time.

After the master program, I would like to associate myself with a technology-driven MNC in India. I am sure that my academic prowess, pedagogic training and exposure to the applications of the same in the real world will provide me the necessary impetus to make great impact in the business. In the long-term I would like to climb the ladders of hierarchy and reach a position where I can make far-reaching technology policy stances that will not only change the business for the better but also the lives of its employees and customers.