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As a mechanical engineering undergraduate student with an ardent interest in the industrial work environment, born in a family with an industrial background, I was exposed from an early age to U1 industries by continuously visiting my father’s industry from my childhood and getting involved in my father’s business after completing my high school, this made me choose my career as an engineer, my undergraduate studies equipped me with diverse, yet essential concepts of manufacturing such as engineering design, production technology, operations management. I believe that a master’s degree will give me in-depth knowledge required to gain expertise in my field and gain practical experience.

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My good academic record in my higher secondary examinations enabled me to pursue Bachelor of Engineering at Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, which is an autonomous institution consistently ranked among the top 100 engineering colleges in India. I sought to study mechanical engineering since the coursework covered the various subjects I aspired to study.

One of my biggest achievement in college was being chosen to be a part of Formula student team. This competition is organized by SAE-India has over 200 teams across India competing to design and manufacturing of Formula vehicle. In the team of 25 members, I have been a part of manufacturing team, we divided our team into five subsystems and worked hard to achieve our goal, it helped to unfold my knowledge in manufacturing. During my six months of working in the team, I understood the core concept of working of a CNC lathe machine and vertical machining Centre. The vehicle successfully cleared the technical inspection and secured the 51st position among 200 teams.

During my 3rd-year I got an opportunity to do an in-plant training in Bradken India private limited. Which is a foundry unit producing the core parts of windmills, where I was able to visually see how moulds are made and molten metals are poured into the mould. During the training, I was aware of the safety measures carried out before entering the working area. Meanwhile, I have spent my time building on my engineering design skills in software such as AUTOCAD, CREO, and ANSYS.

I did my mini project on Multiple Bolt and nut remover, the main aim of the project is to reduce the time required to remove the multiple bolts in vehicle rims, in this project we used a sun and planetary gear mechanism which gives a compendious knowledge in designing and manufacturing of gears.

Although my undergraduate performance was good as per my university standards, I believe my scores for theoretical subjects for the first two years do not reflect my capabilities although I have excelled during the practical application of these concepts. During my third year, I realize the importance of focusing on all aspects of my studies, which reflects in the last two semester scores. Which has given me the confidence to achieve anything that I decide.

During the final year of my bachelor’s degree, I undertook two projects namely “Experimental study of mechanical properties of mushroom reinforced acoustic boards” and “Agricultural manure spreader by bulls without any external energy” the former one, we made an acoustic board out of mushroom waste and rice straw the main objective of the project is to reduce the cost of commercial board of building materials, which will be applied for a patent. The later one is an industrial project in which we are developing a manure spreader which runs completely with the power of the bull, the major precedence of the project is eco-friendly and can be owned by a basic level agrarian. This project also aims at saving the native cattle breed.

In this world where engineers are proliferating at an extremely high place, I felt that I had to achieve something different to stand in a good position in the competitive world pursuing this strongly in built motive, My undergraduate engineering degree has left me with keen sense of appreciation for the need for evolution of engineering & technology. I want to specialize in the area of manufacturing, supply chain systems, and as well as methodology courses such as simulation, optimization, and probabilistic models. A Master’s degree in Industrial engineering will further equip me with intellectual depth and breadth along with great practical knowledge to face the professional and leadership challenges in my career. After a good deal of self-evaluation, I’ve decided to pursue graduate studies in Industrial Engineering. This decision naturally followed after carefully considering my academic background and areas of work.

I have many goals that I would like to accomplish as move throughout college and graduate school. There are many opportunities down the road to ensure myself an enjoyable career that will get me through my everyday life. Well first my short term goals will be to get into a grad school because it is a necessary step to getting hired by a company that I would want to work for. I would also like to start looking for internships during my master’s program so that I can have a better understanding of the career that I want to get involved with. In my nearer future, I want to be in a good position by establishing my own firm in India and generate employment for others. Thus it will be a two way beneficial. If I will be able to do that I will become a role model for at least a few. I think that having some type of goal will better myself to strive to reach that goal and not just sit around and hope it all falls into my lap. Every day I will have something to look forward to if it is interview or even finally reaching that goal, I just know I made it.

The Department of Industrial Engineering at Texas Tech University is a well-known center of excellence. From the information about current faculty research, which I obtained from the application brochure and website, I find that pioneering research work is being done at the Texas Tech University. In particular the research work done by professor Dr. Mario Beruvides, in the area of Production and Quality Systems Engineering and by Professor Dr. Milton Smith, in the area of Design and Evaluation of Production Systems prompts me to apply for graduate studies at your University, I also realize that the syllabus offered at this University is designed to meet the demands of the present day industry covering manufacturing, production and R and maintenance aspects among others. I am sure that the hands-on research experience I will gain at your university will enrich my intellectual abilities and also enhance me as a person. I assure if you give an opportunity, I will work hard to meet your exacting standards during my studies and live up to your expectations as an alumnus.

The world is literally becoming a global village where opportunities for work are transcending physical spaces. With the proper training and caliber required to meet expectations of global clients, I look forward to be an active contributing member of the society.



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