Starting from everyday life, I find it

Starting this module I was excited, the main reason I came
to university in the first place was so I could practice comedy. My college
tutor always said I had good comedic timing and would make a good stand-up
comedian, I know now I have the chance to stretch these skills as well as my
imagination and creativity. Most of my stand up jokes are made up of fictional
circumstances that I have derived from everyday life, I find it helps me to
produce relatable jokes to people of a similar age range to myself, then again
out of the set list I have prepared I tried to throw a few curve ball jokes
aimed at the older generation, as comedy is a very complex concept, especially
when it comes to the age of your audience and who your aiming it at, for example
a lot of young people watch loads of YouTube shows and vloggers.(“YouTube is must-have
service for 67% of consumers 13-24 while only 36% cite pay TV, according to
Defy Media survey”).  These
vloggers in some cases may as well be virtual comedians in this new age, whereas
the older generation of people watch comedy on TV such as programs like “mock
the week” or  “Qi”. Don’t get me wrong though
these programs are easy watching and usually make a mockery of the latest news
or well-known historical facts which any age audience can watch. Then theirs
shows like “Blackadder”,”bottom”,”last of the summer wine”, “only fools and
horses” and “Steptoe and son” which people like my grandparents would watch. I
think another reason for watching this as well as it being more relatable to
their generation is the actors that are involved in these shows such as “Adrien
Edmondson”, “Rick Mayall” and “Rowen Atkinson” as well as many others, which
are well known comedic actors that started certain genres.  So it seems to me that within all these
comedy shows there lies a secret age range for its viewers, I like studying and
watching these shows as you can learn a lot from the history of comedy.

During some of our earlier lectures, I remember we had to
pick a comedy piece of part of a stand-up act or comedy show. It was interesting
to see the different range people liked as some people opted for old TV sketch
shows like “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme” whereas some people chose to show YouTube
stars such as “Joji” and others chose to show stand-up comedians like people
you see on live at the Apollo. I chose to show Russell Brands show “Russell
brands ponder land” after this we looked into different moods and personas of comedians,
as obviously their stage persona is different from how they are in real life. However
some of them manage to pull off these different personas in real life that most
people expect them to be like that in real life, when really it’s just a big
illusion. The reason for looking into these different moods, was so we could pick
one or even mix two of these personas together, then when we got up to try out
some new stand-up comedy material, we would incorporate these moods into our
work such as the way we move, act, the things we wore, or even how we spoke and
how we came across to our audience. I got feedback from when I did this and
people said I was relaxed and irritable. The reason for this was people
perceived me to be very calm as if it was a real life situation like taking to
friend, which was good as I put them at ease, but at the same time it was a bit
ranty and the thing that influences some of my jokes are the things that annoy
me in life and stuff that I feel passionate about.

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Since being a little child, I was always interested in stand-up
comedy and influenced by people such as jack Dee and lee Evans at a young age.
As I grew older in my teen years I started looking into more experimental and
abstract comedy such as Paul Legg and noel fielding, I also looked into dark
humour such as Bill Hicks, and Frankie Boyle, I quite like observational
comedians like Bill Hicks, Russell Brand and David Mitchell. My main influences
are from Russell brand as I can really relate to him and some of the stuff he
says really reaches out and speaks to a lot of people.  He does this by drawing on his past
experiences with drugs, sex and alcohol addictions. Also how he didn’t have
that good of an upbringing. I like Bill Hicks as he was very advanced for his
times, I loved how he would teach his audience and educate them, he wouldn’t
just entertain them he would leave them questioning social constructs when they
left his gigs. He would tell people about these in depth notions about how the
government was secretly run, I suppose some people might call him a bit of a conspiracy
theorist which they might be right but that was a really smart thing to do,
mixing his comedy with his idea’s as clearly he wanted his ideas and thoughts
to be heard by a wide audience and spread amongst people, and to let them know
how he felt, sort of like a frustrated child shouting for attention in a way. I
can really relate to Bill as he was very angry and passionate about his work
and he was angry at society and the social construct of the world. (“He was rude, angry, uncompromising and saw
within popular culture a conspiracy to dumb people down so that they could be
more easily controlled.”). Much like how I am in my work and how I joke
about how we are that dumb as a human race people create crazes that everyone
follows for a few month, before we get bored of them and move onto different
things, the things I talk about in my stand up set includes, fidget spinners,
girls Gucci shoes that have fluffy fur coming off sandals and reality TV shows
like “love island” and yes I joke about these things but underneath these jokes
are layers of truth and frustration and honesty. About how I really feel about
these things, and how annoyed I am at humanity, I included, about how advanced
we could be in this worked, if these silly distractions didn’t exist. Which I
think most comedians have these things in common as “there is a like between
comedy and depression and how most comedians are down about these things in
society (“The men and women who make people laugh for a living often
struggle with mental health challenges offstage that are hardly a laughing

Back in the olden days we had the three stooges that had
accidental acts of comedy in their show (“”).
This physical humour was quite good in its time, as it made some good suspense
for the audience as they were waiting for something daft to happen. And from
these older shows it lead to shows such as the young ones and bottom which had
a lot of physical comedy in them such as unrealistic fight scenes. It  also lead to comedian such as Rowen Atkinson
who created the character Mr. Bean most people think of Rowen Atkinson as silly,
because he created the daft character of Mr. Bean when in actual fact Rowen
Atkinson is a very, very smart comedian who took his time to make his work
perfect. He even had his suit tailored a certain way so his suit would give off
comedy as his shirt sleeves or trouser legs would be different lengths. (“
“4.30-5.18”).  It’s quite sad these days
though as, that sort of comedy is becoming obsolete. Most audiences don’t want to
see full on practical humour. most people want to listen to comedians or even
podcasts about funny anecdotes the comedians are telling, the do seem to like
slight comedic movement such as comedians showing a story they are telling
onstage by acting it out.






My feedback was that my jokes worked as they were relatable
and that is the main thing I am happy about as when I start writing my material,
I try think of scenarios that everyone has been in, that way the more people
that can jump on board and think “yeah that’s happened to me” the more they
will enjoy the joke as I have then made it personal to myself and each and
every person in the room, it’s not often that comedy can work if it’s not
relatable I say that as there are experimental comedians that can make un-relatable
notions funny. I was told my mood came across clear and well and my jokes
flowed nicely, the things I needed to work on were to stop looking at the floor
as much and look at the audience, which is tricky to do because when you look
at a big crowd all looking at you, you can get nervous, I also need to work on
making my diction better and slowing down my speech at times. I practiced this
by performing my material in front of a mirror in my spare time or even on an
empty stage. I found this helped as I got myself used to the environment plus I
could try different stuff with my voice to see which things worked better. I
also pushed myself and went to an open mic night at the Southfield pub I took a
small group of friends there to watch and give me feedback but the pub itself
was quite packed and I had an audience of random people that didn’t know me or
my material and that was the best thing in comedy that I had personally done, as
anything could of happened in that moment. People could have heckled me, or
applauded or hated it and I didn’t know how it was going to go. Thankfully these
random people loved my jokes.

Today was the final day of the assessment, performing my
full stand-up comedy act in front of a live audience. I think it went quite
well, if I could change anything it would have been to work on my diction more
and try to get the jokes to flow more naturally. I took on board the feedback
from before and practiced my set the best I could and I tried to look up more
rather than at the floor so as to engage more with the audience. I had to trim
my set a little bit as it was over the time limit but I thought it better to
have more material ready at hand than less. I tried to do some visual
representations of my jokes for entertainment, but I think the main thing I need
to do is get out more places and try my set to gain confidence in front of a
crowd and really learn how to take control of a crowd.

Video performances I am acting in.

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