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South Korean scientists recently succeeded in the cloning of Afghan hound Snuppy, the world’s first cloned dog who died in April 2015. As we can tell, animal cloning is becoming more and more popular. However, we cannot say the same about human cloning, which is actually illegal in many countries and is seen ethically incorrect by many. Now ask yourself, is human cloning more beneficial or harmful? Unlike many, I believe human body part cloning is actually very beneficial because of the lives that could be saved thanks to organ replacement/treatment and because of the better and more efficient research experiments with cloned human parts instead of animals.First of all, world population has been rapidly increasing for a while now; we are about 7.6 billion on Earth. On top of that, Earth’s resources are starting to severely deplete. The Living Planet report calculates that humans are using 30% more resources than the Earth can replenish each year (this can lead to deforestation, bad soil, polluted air and water, diseases, etc.). Hence, every single one of us will eventually experience some difficulties in our body, but some will experience them earlier on than others because of our future environment. With cloning, we could prevent these difficulties from hurting many, as we could “repair” defective organs, quickly heal injuries, and avoid diseases. Theoretically, we could even grow new organs to replace damaged/malfunctioning ones.Secondly, cloned body parts or even cloned cells could help researchers by replacing animals during experiments aiming to cure diseases and health conditions; using them could prevent endangering animals in testing. Many would say that “using” cloned bodies as test subjects would be a disgusting thing to do, and that is why I mentioned using body parts and cells instead of complete bodies(this is where the debate of souls, lives, and ethics could go on forever). Furthermore, using a human body feature could give better and more efficient reactions to experiments, regarding glands, organs, blood, chemical reactions, etc.This way, cures could have higher chances of success, and we could reduce experiments on animals.Finally, as we say, with rights comes responsibilities, and as we know, there are lots of us who do not take those responsibilities. Cloning is indeed feared because of potential dangers, like crimes concerning ethically incorrect trades, “clone slavery”, organ donation. However, I believe that if the governments and countries were to put in effect many laws and secure systems, trusted supervisors, special and rare laboratories for it, etc., they could create secure environments for cloning where only the trusted could get their hands on the technology. I also want to mention that I do not actually agree with full human body cloning, as that seems unethical and we should respect nature’s way, so for all those who would say that cloning would bring a reduced sense of individuality, decrease the value of human life, cause a divide between us where clones would not be treated as humans, or that full human cloning goes against religious ethics, I agree with them. That is why I would not mind having full human body cloning made illegal. Unfortunately, those affected by infertility would really be helped by partial body cloning, but it is just the simplest way to defy the common ethics response to human cloning. However, there is always a possibility partial cloning could bring new genetic manipulation to help those affected by other problems.In conclusion, I believe partial cloning could be very beneficial if used correctly, because of the life saving organs, cells, tissues, etc., that we could clone and use to replace defective ones and because we could use them to accomplish more successful experiments , instead of using animals. To protect the world from the bad, the governments could put up secure systems and laws concerning cloning. Full human cloning would not have to be used, and I think it would be fine to omit it and make it illegal.With cloning, many lives could be saved and many diseases could receive cures.