Sociology Henry Ford College. Taking dual enrollment

Sociology Autobiography My name is Hussein Salameh, I’m eighteen years old, and I am a graduate student just out of Dearborn High School. During the same time period I was taking my regular high school classes I also decided to get the head start and substituted some of my highschool courses with dual enrollment courses which I was eligible for and also managed to take them here, at Henry Ford College. Taking dual enrollment really got me a feel for what the life of an average college student was like, or at least, that’s what I thought. Now, I could just say this first year was a huge wake up call for me. Transitioning from high school and the dual enrollment courses  which were we had such a limited selection of classes we could choose from, to being an actual independent college student definitely has its differences. With that being said ,  this would mark it my first “official” (as I like to call it) year being at Henry Ford College , and now  I am currently advancing onto my second semester. One of the reasons I love going to school here at Henry Ford College  is because how convenient it is for me regarding the fact that it’s within my community. All my life growing up I’ve grown up in multiple homes all within the city of  Dearborn. I feel very comfortable growing up here because I have so much in common with my community.  A good chunk of the population here is Muslim-American just like I, myself, am. Although I grew up here in America, originally both my parents are from Lebanon making me of pure lebanese descent. Both my parents lived in poverty all throughout their childhoods. Once they made their big move here is were they were open to more and better opportunities. I am so blessed to say that I’ve always been able to live comfortably whatever our financial status.  Thankfully my family was always somewhat financially stable, my mom was a stay at home mom since taking care of me and my three other siblings was a job of its own. On the other hand, my hard working  father was our provider,  being the kind hearted man he is my father always put us before anything, even himself. As a kid growing up in my community, I knew my parents at the time couldn’t afford to give us all the nice things kids around me had, but my parents never failed to make  sure me and my siblings were the happiest kids alive and made it seem as if we had the world just working with what we had,  which I love and respect them for. Today were very grateful for all the open doors  and opportunities that my  dad took ahold of and made him the much more successful entrepreneur that he is today.  Even though I wasn’t open to those nicer things as a child, the whole experience really humbled me and I’m so appreciative of it all. Although we could say we are definitely more financially successful now, that didn’t stop my dad from from humbling us, my father pushes on me and my siblings till this day, just as I will with my children in the future no matter how successful I am. Something I will is always live by that i can’t stress how important is to really have to learn how to earn everything yourself, nothing is given to you especially in a world like this, you can’t rely on anybody but yourself. So once I felt I was  ready and I was capable of working I got my first job at sixteen. I found my first job where I worked at a banquet hall.  Working had its pros and cons. Seeing the money was so exciting and I couldn’t believe I was really making it. As fun as that was it really taught me alot all in all , it became a whole humbling experience. I really learned how hard it is to make it out there, I’d say  working overall just shaped me up as an individual cause it really showed me how people  are. In your lifetime your going to come across some of the best people that  will treat you so  well, and then you’ll come across  some of the cruelest people that you didn’t even know could exist in a person. I learned how to strengthen up and keep my head up high at all times no matter what and not take things so personal, which I wish I figured out earlier at that period of time. Instead, I let some of the awful things that people said to me, get to me. This only resulted in putting more pressure on myself. I later learned what people had to  say truly didn’t matter, one of my favorite quotes that really opened up my eyes to this is something I live by and I always will to this day. As said by Dennis P. Kimbro, “life is ten percent what happens to us, and the other ninety percent is how we choose to react to it”. I realised if I went about life caring about what every single person thought of me I’d only always be miserable, and I was choosing to believe their words. Living to impress someone is no way to live, life is about your happiness and that’s all that really matters. That’s where the gym came into play for me. I found relief in lifting weights , and still do till this day no matter my situation. I feel like the gym was my happy place or sanctuary that was a way to battle my stress and anxiety and have it all lifted l off my shoulders, rather than it just being a hobby. I have a lot of goals I strive to attain later in life and one of the biggest ones, in general, wherever I am in life, and whatever i’m doing, I really want to see myself succeed. I knew in order to reach that goal, I had to really change my whole mindset on things. Yes, I found relief in working on myself physically with the gym pushing off that stress, and anxiety that was all being built up in me, but I realized a huge part of the training was being done in my head. I knew if i was going to strive to  reach this goal of success this mentality also had to change.  So day in, day out, I try to train my mind to see the good in everything. because I knew if kept comparing myself to other people I’m just constantly going to be at war with myself, and thus, I will never succeed.  Today keeping this positive mindset of seeing the good in everything change my perspective on so many things . I learned to accept the that everyone is different but only you can be the best version of yourself, which is clearly  something nobody else can be but you , which is something  i’ll always find motivation in.