Social some form of communication and promotional activities,

Social Media Impact on the Practices of IMC


In today’s world of globalization where
there is cut throat competition in any business, advertising and promotion is
playing an added advantage to give a slight edge over the competitors. Nearly
everyone is bombarded and influenced by some form of communication and
promotional activities, hence, social and consumer media has played a very
vital role in changing how communication used to be done 5 years ago and now.

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Social media started out as a
method for people to either connect or reconnect with each other. At this
point, social media has become much more, it has become a place where all form
of information is exchanged within few seconds. It has become so important that
perception of and brand or political candidate is made through this. Facebook, LinkedIn,
YouTube and other social meda was not there in the existence five years ago.
Now, Facebook is having over 2 billion users and millions of video been watched
on YouTube daily.

Organizations whether be it private
or public have understood how critical it is to communicate with your target
customer effectively and efficiently to be sustainable. Not only multinational
organization but also SME’s are getting benefited from Social media marketing.
As the investment is low and end result is more profitable. IMC is undergoing
drastic change and the most important role to play is Social Media.
Technological advancement in the field of telecommunication has also added to
this rapid change and the way the marketer convey message to the end consumer.
Hence, we are witnessing the most dynamic and revolutionary changes in the
history of advertisements and promotion.

Marketing agencies are looking
beyond traditional mode of communication because of following reasons:



Reach out to Maximum People

Reach Out to Limited audience

Targeted or Client Specific Marketing

Global Marketing

Versatile –Changes can be done any time

Non Versatile- Cannot change the content once

Communication is Immediate

Communication takes time or delayed

Communication is a two way process

Communication s one way process

One on one marketing

Mass marketing

Open and transparent Marketing
Metric used is Engagement
Real time creation and informal content

Mass and opaque marketing
Metrics is frequency and reach
Pre produced and formal content


 Marketers are moving beyond traditional mass
media marketing to finding most innovative and specific marketing to their
target customer. There are numerous ways to communicate to the audience but
most effective and efficient way to imprint your brand to be remembered. The fundamental
changes occurring the field of marketing and communication because drastic
increase in the user throughout the globe, hence most of the companies are
having there pages on Facebook and twitter. Companies are also looking social
media marketing as one of their strategic decision making

Most of the marketer feels that the
highest ROI in any form of communication is through social media marketing. This
is shown in the following infographic.












The marketers are changing the way
they used to communicate to their target audience. With the use of social media
marketing it has become more

Specific audience and targeted customer centric

About “You” (Customer) rather than “Me” (Organizations)

A two way and continuous communication process

Deep analytical skills are been used to be updated

Active involvement from both sides, users and
influencer beenthe main key persons to target rather than celebrities

Social media marketing is going to grow at 20 percent
a year and by 2019 it will be worth $50.2 billion