Smoking will argue that they have the right

Smoking is a real public disorder, which should be confined
to the privacy of a home or other private place. However, smoking in public
places is a privilege to be removed for good. Smoking is one of the longest bad
habits. Its longevity is proof of its addiction. From the beginning, smoking is
a controversial habit, which is not preferred because of its addictive nature.

Smoking raises the worst thing in terms of a decent person.
When a smoker is asked to quench their cigarettes because smoke offends a
smoker, many smokers will argue that they have the right to smoke. There is no
truth to that statement. Smoking is a privilege, not a right. However, the
Declaration of Independence says that we have the right to Life, Freedom, and
effort to achieve happiness. It has been proven that smoking is a very
dangerous habit for smokers and non-smokers who inhale secondhand smoke.
Anything that endangers a person’s health, violates a person’s right to life as
guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence. Therefore, a person’s right to
life is higher than the privilege of those who smoke.

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There are many reasons that smoking in public should be
prohibited. One of the most important reasons is that smoking is a public
health risk. Secondhand smoke is sometimes referred to as environmental tobacco
smoke. In the past years, there was the theory that secondhand smoke causes
health problems in nonsmokers. If your partner smokes or you are around someone
who smokes, do not breathe the smoke . Non-smokers can also get the worst
effects of smoking because they inhale cigarette smoke without the use of
cigarette filters.

Second hand smoke greatly increases the risk of bronchitis
and lung cancer. In fact, smoking is the cause of ninety five percent of all
cases of chronic bronchitis. Because it has been proven that environmental
cigarette smoke can cause health problems such as lung cancer and bronchitis in
non-smokers, banning smoking in public places will reduce disease rates in
non-smoking populations and should also be the latest smoking banned logo. If
these non-smokers are not threatened by second hand smoke, they will not
contribute to the pressure on the already depressed health care system.

Tobacco smoke that is alive after a cigarette has burned can
cause damage to the property. The smoke can dull the paint, damage the image,
and cause the photo to deteriorate. If someone who chooses to smoke wants to
destroy their own property, it is their choice to be made. However, smokers
have no right to destroy public property, where all taxpayers contribute.

Wherever there is a common cigarette, there is always a very
common and unsightly cigarette butt stain that pollutes the soil. In many
public places such as stadiums and parks there are hundreds of secondhand
cigarettes on the ground. In many locations, throwing cigarettes dumped to the
ground is against the law. Apparently, many smokers do not care about the law
and throw their used cigarettes to the ground with impunity.

Clearly, smoking is a disaster for our society that needs to
be eliminated. In many cases, smoking is a social habit. Public smoking ban
will greatly reduce the number of social places smokers can enjoy, socialize
and smoke. The prohibition of smoking in public places will not only clean the
air of secondhand smoke, but also clear the land from the discarded cigar lice.