Smoking it. That to lose you of

Smoking can cause cancer and over 12 different kinds of it. Quit smoking because it is the worst and dirtiest habit in the world.  Smoking can impact others and give diseases to them too.First of all, Smoking can give you diseases even cancer. Smoking can give you over 12 different kinds of cancer. Smoking can give you yellow teeth and can destroy your skin and give you wrinkles. Smoking can give you lung disease, cardiovascular disease,  arthritis disease, respiratory disease, and heart and blood vessel disease. This is a lot of diseases not including cancer. Short of breath and stroke are some side effect of tobacco. Nicotine kills brain cells which can cause brain problems. This could change  your life choices can be affected by this. 480,000 people die in the U.S. each year from smoking. A lot of heart problems can occur if you smoke. Cancers can be caused from smoking. Some cancers are lung, bladder, kidney, liver, larynx oropharynx, brain, stomach, and bronchus cancer. These are only a few cancers you can get from smoking. Smoking can blind you. Smoking can increases the chance of drug use. The government says that “90% people that have lung cancer have got it from smoking”. Lung cancer can give you a sharp pain while breathing, server and possibly a bloody cough. Just one cigarette contains 9mg of tar in it. That  to lose you of a stick that gives you diseases. That is 32400 mg a year if you smoke half a pack a day. There is also many fumes and other gross things in cigarettes such as nicotine ammonia (Toilet cleaner), paint, methanol (Rocket fuel), cadmium, tar, sewer gas, and poison. Not to mention that cigarettes release carbon dioxide and that is a poisonous gas. Do you really want all of this stuff in your body? And if that isn’t enough for you cigarettes can cost over 5,816 dollars a year.   That is way to much money for this harmful thing. Smoking can slow down your breathing. When tar gets stuck to air your body can’t send it through your body as fast. When smoking clogs up your lungs it can make it harder to breathe while running or walking, even waking up or down the stairs. I would never want to lose my dad from a disease giver stick in his  mouth.Secondly, smoking has over 7,000 chemicals and can affect others around you. Smoking around others can give them just as many illnesses that you can get from smoking and could get even more diseases that you can’t get from smoking. Strokes are very very deadly and can have the chance of occurring to others 20%-30%  more to other people when you smoke around them. Even if you survive from a stroke it can have after effects. Now who would want that for people you are around. If you smoke around others it can cause ear infections and all the diseases you can get from smoking. Smoking around others  can also cause death and middle ear disease. Imagine giving coworkers, kids, family, friends, and people around you diseases that are causes of smoking, even if they never put  a single cigarette their mouth, which can cause second hand smoking. Last but not least smoking can impact others. If you smoke around others it can influence them to smoke. I wouldn’t want to convince someone to do a very bad habit. Even if you smoke around a young kid at the age of 5 to 18 this could raise the chance of them smoking as teens. Also this could change the way people look and see you, even family. Research shows that people see you differently when you smoke.  You don’t want family to look at you differently just because you have something in your mouth. Research shows that 98% of children want their parents to stop smoking because it hurts them.  Also, your friends probably wouldn’t want to be around you that much anymore. Smoking is a bad habit that can change the way people see you.Some people may say that smoking lowers the chance of obesity which is true but for a bad reason.  Smoking can lower your appetite. This means that your body isn’t getting enough vitamins from the food that your eating. This makes you skinny and unhealthy. Low vitamins can make bones fracture more easily and bone deformity Low vitamin C can cause gingivitis, gum disease, bleeding gums, and swollen gums. Some other causes of low vitamins is easy browsing  and dry and scaly skin possibly red spots. Smoking can lower your appetite which makes it so you don’t have enough vitamins and that is very unhealthy.  Smoking is very deadly, can bring many diseases, change the way people see you, and can give others diseases. Smoking is a very dirty and bad  habit. If you smoke QUIT!!!! I know it is hard to  quit but your my dad and your strong and can fight through it, so I need you to quit. I need you to be there for me and be at my sports games. I need you to be in my life.